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With the increasing number of customer touch-points and a myriad of new sources of business data – an integrated strategy to harness the enterprise data generated from traditional sources (Transactional system, CRM System), legacy sources (mainframes, AS400, etc.) as well as new age sources(Social Media, web logs) in real-time or near real-time, is a business imperative. Master Data Management and Data Integration has therefore become increasingly important for businesses to achieve smarter, faster and stronger decision making.

As per the TDWI’s annual BI Benchmark Report, one of the key emerging trends of Data Management is multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM). While, most companies apply MDM primarily to customer and product data, there is a rising need to incorporate multiple domains in emerging areas, such as social, location, financials, etc. into MDM

Happiest Minds Data Services enables organisations to integrate, transform and improve data through advanced data integration and master data management with adequate governance and control. Our Data Modeling Services can be seamlessly integrated with legacy systems leading to enhanced productivity and reduced costs. With smart and advanced Data Integration, our solution helps you gain authority on data over multiple formats with real-time, actionable insights.


Data Modeling Services

Data modelling is the most crucial step in a database design. Happiest Minds Data Modelling Services helps Enterprises to create a conceptual model based on the analysis of data objects and their relationship to the other data objects. We deeply believe that Data modelling is a progression process:

  • Conceptual Data Model
  • Logical Data Model
  • Physical Data Model
Data Discovery Services

Data discovery is needed “from the ‘first mile to the last mile’ of our work with data”, said CEO of The Bloor Group Eric Kavanagh. The process allows searching for a certain pattern or any specific item in the given data set. Happiest Minds’ Data Discovery services conducts a rapid searches using features like geographical and heat maps, pivot tables, statistical and data mining techniques. The Data Discovery has become more crucial for the following reasons:

  • Big Data
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Agile And Business Analytics
Data Quality Services

Data is usually misinterpreted as quantitative even when quality is the core ingredient for its success. Happiest Minds Data Quality Service helps Enterprises to maintain the quality of the data and the source so that it is usable for business needs. It is a process of knowledge management which in return helps the cleansing, profiling and usage of the data.

  • Data Quality Assurance Services – profiling the data and performing cleansing activity on the data
  • Data Quality Control Services- controlling the usage of data
Advanced Data Integration Services

The Advanced Data Integration Solution helps fight data fragmentation problem by bringing diverse sources of business data to one Cloud platform. This gives an anywhere and anytime access to data within an Enterprise. This service includes the following activities:

  • Di Consulting
  • Data Integration on Cloud
  • Data Integration for Big Data
  • Data Virtualization & Logical Data Warehouse
  • Real Time Data Integration
  • Social Media & API Integration
Master Data Management Services

Master Data contains all the critical information on customers, suppliers and products within organisations. It is a shared service throughout an Enterprise. Our Master Data Management Services helps manage this crucial information and helps it meet all the compliance needs of the customer and vendor. This service includes the following activities:

  • Customer & Social MDM
  • Location MDM
  • Data Provisioning
  • Data Profiling as a Service
  • Data Quality on Cloud
  • Big Data Quality
  • MDM Consulting
Metadata Management Services

Metadata summarizes, integrates and shares all the basic information on the huge data set thus enabling better accessibility and understanding to the IT professionals in an organisation. This service by Happiest Minds allows Enterprises to filter through the provided Metadata and easily locate the required data set. Metadata Management Services serves the following purpose:

  • Component if an Integrated Information System
  • Native Store for custom application that process metadata
  • Storage and Management Service
Data Governance Services

Data Governance initiatives includes business rules, processes, roles and responsibilities which enables quality and consistency in a Data Service. This process helps gain:

  • Confidence Decision making
  • Decrease in risk and regulatory fines
  • Improves data security
  • Enables better planning
  • Streamlines processes


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