The emergence of Digital technologies such as IoT and AI has vastly altered the potential of how technology can enhance the consumer experience. This disruption in existing industry value chains and economics is creating many new opportunities for digital transformation by placing the ‘consumer’ squarely at the center of all important decisions. The need of the hour is to reimagine the ‘consumer experience’ to deliver more than is expected.

Happiest Minds has always had a deep focus on emerging technologies and we adopt an integrated approach across mobility, analytics and IoT to combine machine generated data with human insights to create experiences that resonate with end consumers.

Our technology expertise across mobile commerce, shared market places and loyalty management has helped our clients, in retail, e-commerce and media and entertainment, to create truly integrated omni-channel experiences. So, whether a customer is engaging with our clients using a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, wearable device or a smart TV, we can create rich and personalized experiences that drive brand loyalty and stickiness.