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Pimcore is an extensible data management platform that global and midsized enterprises use to achieve their digital commerce goals. Pimcore is highly scalable and can be configured to meet your organizational needs so that the technology supports your business initiatives.

The Pimcore Platform Advantage

A Single Platform

The Pimcore Platform is the only enterprise software for managing digital data and customer experiences across channels and devices.

Integration Capabilities

Easily integrate with core business applications in your ecosystem to ensure a seamless flow of data and processes.

Agility and Scalability

Accommodate growing data and customer demands at scale to innovate and adapt quickly, regardless of deployment location.

Headless Architecture

Decoupled backend content management and frontend presentation foster flexibility in delivering CX across various channels and devices.

Hosting Flexibility

You can host on-premises or in a private cloud. Gives you complete control over access, data, and the network.

Happiest Minds can provide a dedicated instance on the platform and location of your choice, configured according to your internal controls.

Licensing Options

Community Edition: Open source GPLv3 license. You have ownership of the final solution and IP.

Enterprise Edition: Commercial license with additional features. Flat monthly subscription fees (users, data, assets, etc.) with unlimited use.

Happiest Minds: A Global Pimcore Solution Partner

Happiest Minds is the most experienced Global Pimcore Partner. We enable you to transform your business with our integrated data and customer experience solutions. We have proven capabilities in architecting product information management solutions, designing seamless CX, managing/consolidating applications, and innovating and scaling your ideas.

Being a leading Pimcore implementation partner worldwide, we have the largest pool of Pimcore consultants and certified Pimcore developers with in-depth product knowledge and excellent global delivery capabilities for diverse industries. Our range of Pimcore services includes:

  • Pimcore Consulting
  • Pimcore Development
  • Pimcore Implementation
  • Pimcore Integration
  • Pimcore Maintenance and Support


“Happiest Minds has established a steadfast partnership with Pimcore for over 8 years, and it is with great significance that we now progress to the next phase of our collaboration. Their expertise, combined with our open-source technology, will help businesses to drive digital transformation and improve customer experience in ways never thought possible.”

             – Dietmar Rietsch, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Pimcore

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