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With the proliferation of social media and evolution of newer technologies, there are, now, multiple ways for businesses to reach their customers. Also, marketers today have various platforms to promote their products on. Thus, customers expect a smooth and seamless…


Big Data Sqoop

Sqoop (SQL-to-Hadoop) is one of the most popular Big Data tools that leverages the competency to haul out data from a non-Hadoop data store by transforming information into a form that can be easily accessed and used by Big Data…


Predictive Analytics

A branch of advanced analytics, it is used to make predictions about unknown events in the future. It extracts information from existing sources of data to determine patterns and predict future trends and results. It uses different techniques to make…


Customer Experience Management

Any IT infrastructure hosts a multitude of accounts, each with their own levels of rights and privileges. Some accounts consist of only users and may not have the rights to access files, install programs or change configuration settings. At the…


Software Defined Data Center

Infrastructure in a traditional datacenter is typically defined by hardware and devices. It comprises of thousands of different applications, running in a mixed hardware environment using multiple management tools. One of its key characteristics is frequent application patching and updation…


Two Factor Authentication

The traditional mode of logging in to an account involves entering a username and password. This is referred to as single-factor authentication. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a verification process that adds another level of authentication by mandating the user…


Apache Lucene

Lucene is a high performance search technology which is available for free as open source from the Apache Software Foundation. Written in Java, Lucene is compatible with near about any application that requires full text search, especially when it comes…


Apache Solr

Solr is a code layer that covers Lucene which transforms it into a search platform for creating search applications. Solr features many capabilities that can spin a core search-capability into a fully fledged search applications. It lends users a chance…


Role Based Provisioning

Large organizations employ thousands of people with ever changing needs to access devices, applications and information. Most of the access requirements are driven by an individual's roles and responsibilities, which keep changing overtime due to promotions, shifts in geography and…

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