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The emergence of Digital technologies such as IoT and AI has vastly altered the potential of how technology can enhance the consumer experience. This disruption in existing industry value chains and economics is creating many new opportunities for digital transformation by placing the ‘consumer’ squarely at the center of all important decisions. The need of the hour is to reimagine the ‘consumer experience’ to deliver more than is expected.

Happiest Minds has always had a deep focus on emerging technologies and we adopt an integrated approach across mobility, analytics and IoT to combine machine generated data with human insights to create experiences that resonate with end consumers.

Our technology expertise across mobile commerce, shared market places and loyalty management has helped our clients, in retail, e-commerce and media and entertainment, to create truly integrated omni-channel experiences. So, whether a customer is engaging with our clients using a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, wearable device or a smart TV, we can create rich and personalized experiences that drive brand loyalty and stickiness.



Happiest Minds works with retail and e-commerce companies to drive customer loyalty, manage next generation payments, gain critical insights into consumer behavior and consequently grow their markets. We leverage disruptive technologies in an integrated manner to provide a range of services with advanced accelerators that enable our clients to build unique and personal experiences for their customers. We offer –

  • e-commerce and m-commerce solutions
  • Context aware computing
  • Front end modernization and API enablement
  • Aiding customer convenience through next-gen payments and one click purchases
  • Building customer loyalty programs that go beyond points and vouchers
  • Analytics, social marketing and gamification
Sharing Economy

They say “history repeats itself” and there is perhaps no truer embodiment of it than the emergence of the sharing economy. After developing incredibly sophisticated systems of transactions dictated by a definitive purchase or sale, we are now moving back towards renting or exchanging underutilized personal products that may be of use to someone else.  

The peer to peer sharing of things has taken the world by storm and some estimates suggest that it will be worth close to $300 billion by 2020.

Powering the Sharing Economy is the disruptive use of technology and Happiest Minds effectively combines its expertise across IoT, Mobile and Cloud to create robust platforms that can support unprecedented scale and cater to the demands of an unknown user base. We offer –

  • Marketplaces and Platforms
  • Chatobots, Self Service and Artificial Intelligence
  • Customer Analytics
  • IoT
  • Elastic Search
Media and Entertainment

With the advent of digital, the media and entertainment industry has seen a significant blurring of the lines between various platforms. While TV in a technical sense still exists, television worthy content is now produced and consumed in a personalized manner through laptops and tablets. As a result, Media and Entertainment companies have been able to collect an extraordinary amount of data that can help them gain crucial insights into the consumption patterns of their customers.

Happiest Minds works with leading media and entertainment companies across the world to help them embrace digital technologies and transform the way they reach out to their customers. We offer –

  • Development of Video on Demand solutions
  • Mobile Applications
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Advanced Analytics and Visualization
Smart Living

While technology can very quickly become overwhelming and self-indulgent, its best application is when it helps in making everyday life simpler. In its most practical avatar, it can enable people to achieve their fitness goals, cook better meals faster, choose from the most customized entertainment options or simply elevate their convenience. Happiest Minds has capabilities across a broad swathe of technologies like voice recognition, mobility, wearables and IoT platforms that integrate effectively to build Smart Living solutions that significantly improve quality of life. We offer –

  • Smart Home applications and platforms
  • Smart Appliances
  • Connected Health solution
  • Wearables
  • Indoor Positioning and Proximity Computing


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