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The Emergence of the API Economy and the Role of Analytics

The emergence of technological trends including social media, mobile computing, cloud services and the Internet of Things has fueled an exponential growth in APIs, both public and private. APIs now…

Big Data: 9 Steps to Extract Insight from Unstructured Data

The increasing digitization of information in recent years, coupled with the proliferation of multi-channel processes and transactions, has resulted in a data deluge.

Pulling Insights from Unstructured Data – Nine Key Steps

In this special guest feature, Salil Godika of Happiest Minds Technologies discusses the value of unstructured data and identifies 9 key steps

Maximize Mobile, Boost Your Business!

Mobile phones and devices have changed everything: the way people work, the way people play, and certainly the way people shop. Mobile can be a serious tool for retailers who…

We’re Not Taking Business Away From Anyone: Soota

Ashok Soota set up Happiest Minds Technologies in 2011, almost 12 years after he founded another IT- company, Mindtree. Soota, Executive Chairman of Happiest Minds, is happy with the way…

4 Security Tips for a Successful BYOD Policy

Having the right technology is often the key to a successful business, but not every company has the means to provide its employees with devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Today, CIO’s job is exciting than ever before

Many a times I am asked a question about how relevant is a CIO in an IT services organisation or for that matter, how can a CIO stay relevant in…

Extracting Insight from Unstructured Data

The pace of digital information has resulted in the world's aggregate data doubling in size in shorter intervals than ever before. According to Gartner, about 80 percent of data held…

The Emergence Of API Economy & The Role Of Analytics

The emergence of technology trends including social media, mobile computing, cloud services and the Internet of Things has fuelled an exponential growth in APIs (Application Programming Interface), both public and…

Disruptive Technologies Will Drive Differentiation: Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds Technologies, in today’s fast paced IT world, is a company with a focus on enabling digital transformation for customers by leveraging disruptive technologies. In the last three years,…

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