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Digital Contact Center Modernization (DCCM)

Our DCCM Solution focuses specifically on two most important actors – customer and agent – to transform the way they interact with each other

DIGITAL QUERY ASSISTANT | Revolutionizing Brand – Customer Relationships

Customer Satisfaction is the key to success as well as a pain point for most organizations. Digital Query Assistant can mitigate this issue.

Digital Customer On-boarding (dCOB™)

A robust Customer on-boarding experience directly impacts the market share of your business. It helps in boosting loyalty, reducing customer retention and increasing cross sell/ upsell opportunities.

Cyber Risk Protection Platform

The World Economic Forum recently ranked Cyber Attacks among the top 10 most significant risks worldwide in their Global Risks report. It is not surprising as the global Cyber Crime Market has reached worth 100's of billions in the recent…

Clickstream Data Transformation and Analytics Solution

ClickAstra provides a smart approach to transform clickstream data and do analytics with Hortonworks Data Platform and Hadoop and its eco-system tools.

SAP Hybris E-commerce

The Hybris platform enables retailers to provide a consistent and meaningful shopping experience for the customers, irrespective of the channel.

Is Your Hybris Infrastructure Optimized

Happiest Minds Hybris Centre of Excellence is a one-stop solution for any Omnichannel or eCommerce technology initiative of mid to large retail enterprises. Our resources with vast experience in eCommerce enablement provide specific industry, geography & category insights that set implementations true to…

Agile Smart and Secure E-Commerce Solutions

The modern customer is digitally empowered,and increasingly demanding, driving brand perception via social and online conversations.Increased competition from online stores where customers compare products in-store, then purchase online - show rooming — is becoming commonplace.

Building Intelligent Networks Through NFV & SDN SERVICES

Happiest Minds is committed to support OEMs, TEMs & Service Providers in design, development & deployment of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-defined Networks (SDN). Be it a commercial grade solution or implementation of proof of concept for potential use cases,…

Magento 2.0

Magento 2.0 is the new and improved upgrade to leading ecommerce platform Magento 1.9. This means huge improvements and a variety of new features that allow you to create, modify and control your site with more ease, speed and creativity.

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