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PSD2 Security Compliance Assurance

PSD2 (Revised Payment Services Directive) legislation has been adopted by the European Parliament and the council of the European Union...

Cyber Security Solutions for COVID-19

While everyone is aware of the impact of the COVID-19 and Governments in all countries are working relentlessly in curbing the spread through social distancing and lockdown in most parts...

Smart And Secure Workspace

Smart and Secure Workspace by Happiest Minds is a comprehensive solution, delivering round-the-clock support services, end-user security, an enriching and modern user experience, lower total cost of ownership, and better productivity...

Database & Middleware Services

Any DB & MW services implementation comes along with its own set of unique challenges and constraints. Happiest Minds understands these challenges and provides the expert advice on the right solutions that are best suited to the business needs to…

Automation of Brownfield IoT Deployments Using Edge Computing

The last few years have seen the emergence of an ocean of connected devices due to the ubiquity of IoT – by 2020 there are likely to be more than 30 billion connected devices. This places constraints around latency necessitating…

Delivering Technology Services for the E-Commerce World

The thriving e-commerce industry has fundamentally changed the way people shop around the world and willingly or not, most businesses have adapted to appease their customers and keep the virtual cash registers ringing.

Threat Vigil 2.0

ThreatVigil 2.0 delivers a scalable Cloud-based security assurance solution with a core penetration testing engine. It is designed to address on-demand security testing needs of an enterprise’s Internet-facing systems.

RSA Archer Platform Services – Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds build, change and run Managed Governance, Risk & Compliance on RSA Archer Platform. We implement and support experience in use cases covering almost all of the 7 core solutions.

Happiest Minds Enables US Firms for NIST CSF Compliance

Happiest Mind's NIST CSF Compliance Professional Services provide a comprehensive assessment of your threat landscape; a cost/benefit evaluation and detailed and pragmatic remediation recommendations.

Infrastructure Management and Security Services Overview

One of the fastest growing technology services companies in India with a strong focus on Next Gen Services – AI, Analytics, IoT. Born in the Digital era and built on the bedrock of trust and integrity.

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