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The future of business management lies in an organizations ability to consume data irrespective of its source, size or type. Concepts of Virtual Data Warehouse, easy Data Visualization and Data Extraction in Real-time have opened a new vista of Analytics that take decision-making processes of a business to an all new level. Companies are investing heavily in advanced Business Intelligence systems to make the most of data available in abundance and stay ahead in the competition curve. Companies in some cases also resort to Open Source Business Intelligence systems that are easy to get started with, but have constraints on dependency and consulting.

Happiest Minds offers the best in class, innovative solutions for Data Visualization and Business Intelligence to meet the data consumption needs of modern businesses. We help you explore data to gain insights that can be shared in a simplistic manner with your teams. These solutions can be seamlessly integrated with legacy systems and deliver smart, advanced, real-time analytics for speedy decision making. We adopt the approach of Understand, Adapt and Transform; ensuring that all the solutions we deliver, creates a significant impact on your business.

We do this by employing the ideal Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Tools to improve time to decision making and time to market.

Data visualization and business intelligence framework
Data Storage
Aggregate Aware
Licensing & Pricing
Release Frequency
In-DB Processing
Community Size
Customer Adoption
Concurrent Sessions
Analyst References
Scale Up / Scale Out
3rd Party Support,
Cloud Platform
Support Cost
In Memory
Geo Presence
Semantic Layer
Reports Development
Data Mashup
Metrics Management
Advanced Visualization
Custom Development
Metadata Exchange
Write Back
Query Writing
Offline Analysis
Advanced Analysis
Event Management
What – if Modelling
Big Data Integration

BI & Visualization: Assets

Functional Benchmarking

Visualization Framework

Data in Motion Demo

Geospatial Demo

Big Data Visualization Demo

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BI & Analytics Offerings

Business Intelligence

Happiest Minds offers Business Intelligence service that helps Enterprises to build a strategy for Business Information management in an intelligent way. Our services include:

  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Metrics & Scorecards
  • Mobile BI
  • Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting
  • EPM, CPM
  • OLAP
  • (Relational/Multi-dimensional/Hybrid)
Advanced Data Visualization

Advanced Data Visualization service enables an effective vision to the world of complex and dynamic data information. Out services under this category includes:

  • Self Service & Collaborative BI
  • Visual Querying & Augmented BI
  • Geospatial Visualization
  • Dynamic Data & Data in Motion
  • Data Discovery
  • Multi-Dimensional
  • What If Modeling
  • Self-Learning
  • Big Data Visualization


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