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WHAT IS Digital Advisory Sales/ Service Platform (DASP) for Retail?

Digital Advisory Sales/ Service Platform (DASP) for Retail is a disruptive solution that equips sales associates with a unified mechanism to manage various activities including customer service on a hand-held device or a Kiosk. The solution is powered by “in the moment” pricing strategy, event (including customer behaviour) recognition and enabling real time actions to win the sale.

Key components of DASP include –

  • Context aware customer 360
  • Event driven & real-time business actions
  • Deeper predictability on demand, availability, stock replenishment

Uniqueness of Solution

If an enterprise is struggling to enable their sales and service associates to better engage with the consumer effectively to establish a personal connect, DASP is the solution.

Key solutions differentiators

  • The platform offers real-time information of the customer, product and offerings in context to interaction between customer and sales associate.
  • The platform provides customer profile with categorizations along with loyalty point based on purchase history. It also helps to know about interest, behaviour, personality, preference of the customer.
  • The platform provides next best actions and also enables the associate to take correct actions so that the sales associate can initiate /drive a conversation in the best possible ways that can result into a sell.
  • The solution is light-weight, customizable, state-of-art and comes at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.
  • The platform comes with possible integration touch-points with beacon in-store for possible path to purchase and shopper insights delivered to store associate.

DASP Conceptual

Associate can help to search and compare between similar products and access the product specification

Confident Associate enabled with on time information can engage with the consumer effectively.

Associate can help the consumer to identify & locate the product consumer is looking for

Associate can guide the Consumer with personalized Recommendation & Loyalty based discount

Channel Sales Platform enables the colleagues to close the sale in an efficient way

Collaboration platform enables Associate to take decision on “Real Time”

Personalized Recommendations

Combo Offers

Loyalty Discount Offers

Out of Shelf Offer

Stock Level & Replenishment

Product Information On-Demand

In-Store Location

Price & Trends

Customer Wish List

Customer Activity Summary

Customer Purchase History & Loyalty Data

Customer Profile & Personality


The Business Needs [Why DASP]

The store continues to be the nerve-center for most bricks and clicks retailers. Stores can transform to be experience centers for Omnichannel customers. They can be mini-fulfillment hubs, offering ultimate flexibility when it comes to delivery choices and saving a potentially lost sale. The store associates can be brand ambassadors and inculcate loyalty and help improve customer retention when armed with right tools and technologies. However, with no or very limited information on customers, products or other enterprise information like inventory on hand, the sales advisors today face multiple challenges. In a nutshell, retailers have a need to enable sales advisors and customer service associates to engage with the customer more efficiently that can help them to save a sale or contextually address customer service.
This is the space where Digital Advisory Sales / Service Platform (DASP) for Retail fits in.

According to a recent Happiest Minds survey report on ‘State of Omnichannel Retail in US’, nearly 60% of Tier 1 and Tier 2 retailers are investing in digital capabilities like assistance platforms with customer, product, inventory 360 for in-store sales and customer service associates.

For sales associates, DASP for Retail addresses business problems like:

  • How to make a personalized offer to customer?
  • How to improve loyalty?
  • How to reduce the queue waiting time in-store?
  • How to react to a competition via price match or an alternate offer?
  • How to save a sale specifically in a stock out situation?

For service associates, DASP for Retail helps address below challenges:

  • How to provide a ‘Do not have to repeat myself’ experience to customers?
  • How to turn a complex customer complaint scenario to a positive interaction with deep insights (i.e. customer 360 with purchase history, preferred brands/ products, life-events, customer life time value etc.)?
  • How to reduce turn-around time for query resolutions with intuitive and ready access to customer open orders, enterprise inventory information, price match possibilities etc.?

Features & Benefits

  • Channel sales platform
  • Elastic Pricing- Retail time competitive view
  • Consumer 360-Omni channel view including in-store path to purchase insights (Beacon integration)
  • Dynamic and Personalized Offers
  • Stock-Availability & Fulfillment
  • Product 360- Pricing Insights
  • Real time Decisions/Actions
  • Digital Payments
  • Collaboration & Workflow
  • Uplift in cross-sell/ up-sell conversions from saving potentially lost sales
  • Improved margins with dynamic/elastic pricing capabilities
  • Increased customer engagement, loyalty and satisfaction
  • Boost in associate morale with ready access to customer/ enterprise information


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