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Want to drive up your in- store sales and build customer loyalty? Unique and personalized messages send to the customers at the right place and at the right time helps you achieve this.

In- store Proximity marketing also known as ‘hyper local marketing’ helps in targeting potential customers with contextually relevant mobile ads. It triggers more in-store purchases and is a powerful method for marketers to compel consumers to do in- store purchasing. By utilizing mobile technology the proximity marketing devices identify the mobile devices within a certain proximity area especially close to a retail outlet or public space. Indoor or outdoor sensors detect the customer’s location and share it with the integrated data base which enables the retailer to send enticing highly contextual, tailored and personalized messages. These highly engaging content or personalized offers prompt customers to arrive at a purchasing decision swiftly.

Beacons are the most widely used and effective proximity based marketing device in retail industry currently. The Wi-Fi enabled or low energy blue tooth enabled Beacons provide a more granular level of location awareness while comparing with GPS enabled devices. These micro computing devices easily figure out interested customers, loyal customers, potential customers exactly where he / she is, what they are interested in when they enter into a store environment.

How In- store Proximity Marketing Solutions from Happiest Minds can help you?

Happiest Mind helps transform your retail in- store experience by providing the intelligence and tools that enable you to make well- informed business decisions. Our Beacon Proximity Marketing solutions help boost in-store traffic, understand customer preferences, increase customer loyalty, analyze product performance statistics in real-time and deliver an enhanced customer engagement. Our comprehensive Analytics platform helps in having a compact review of store performance, sales and customer behavior in a store. We enable retailers to gather and analyze a complete customer profile by integrating data gathered by in- store beacons and sensors and helps in churning out rich insights and solid strategic plans, to maximize your ROI. Leverage our deep rooted retail experience, best practices, and proven solutions, to create flexible platforms and custom applications that enable to enhance and simplify your retail business.

Benefits of Proximity Marketing using In-store Beacons

Enhanced Shopping Experience: In-store Beacons provide ‘on the spot’ personalized offers, coupons, and rewards for the customers, which inspires the customer action.

Customer convenience: On the spot personalized offers diverts the customer attention away from competitors when they likely have a purchase intent. Customers will appreciate receiving a discount or loyalty reward, and go for the product even if they have no initial solid plans to purchase it.
Affordability- Highly economical beacon technology makes it affordable for most any small business to implement it.

Customer intelligence: Beacon-enabled apps collect data on customers’ shopping preferences and spending habits thereby enabling retailers to create more personalized and targeted offers.

Competitiveness: Beacons will add synergy to existing marketing campaigns and increases your competitiveness.

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