The Digital Talent Marketing Dialogue: Techgig – A times Group Initiative

Date: 7th June 2017, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru

TechGig – A Times Group initiative is hosting The Digital Talent Marketing Dialogue: Hack the Future of Technology Hiring for technology leaders on 7th June at Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru.


Gopalakrishna Bylahalli, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Digital Transformation at Happiest Minds, as a part of the panel discussion will discuss and discover how technology leaders will define the future of technology hiring by playing the role of chief talent influencer.


The key points for discussion would be how to:


  • Reinventing Marketing for The Connected Talent: Role of Technology leaders as Chief Talent Influencers
  • Create digital experiences that matter to Candidate
  • Enabling and Enhancing Risk-Taking Capabilities of Employees: Driving Innovation by using gamification platforms
  • Expectations for The CIOs/CTOs: Training the Middle Managers and empower them to manage technology changes
  • Think Beyond acquisition: Gamifying your talent selection and employee engagement strategies to win over top talent

Join us to explore the newest enterprise technology innovations, and help your organization adapt to the new environment.