Happiest Minds and Microsoft Workshop: Modernizing Apps Leveraging Conversational Interfaces

Date: September 4th - 6th, 2018
Venue: Raleigh, Atlanta and Charlotte

Happiest Minds and Microsoft are coming together with a 3 hour Live and immersive Workshop with AI industry experts who will discuss the digital roadmap of implementing App Modernization and the use of Conversational Interface.

Why should you attend the Workshop?

With the emergence of newer technologies specially AI and analytics, there is  a big push toward modernization and the application Interactions which have evolved over time. From command lines to Graphical web Interfaces to Aps and now the Conversational Interfaces. Conversational Interfaces would become ubiquitous from customers interaction specially when armed by knowledge engine and AI. This workshop is to touches upon some vital aspects on the journey towards app modernization with the use of conversational interfaces. This should help you to kick start or further accelerate your digital journey engaging internal users and end customers alike.

Time: 9:00am – 12:00 noon

Venue and Date

  • Raleigh – 4th Sept 2018 – MPR RALEIGH 204 (32) Newfound Gap SRS | Register Here 
  • Atlanta – 5th Sept 2018 – MPR ALPHARETTA-8000/9E01 (32) Grant Park SRS; MPR | Register Here
  • Charlotte – 6th Sept 2018 – Conf Room CLT 2/1004 (50) AV Mt Everest | Register Here

Who should attend?

  • CXOs, VPs, CDO and other business decision makers


  • Rob Moreira – Advanced Analytics and AI Cloud Architect at Microsoft
  • Emigdio Illueca – App and Intelligent Cloud Specialist at Microsoft
  • Srinivasan Govindraj –  Head of Data Sciences, Happiest Minds
  • Vinod Nair – Modern Apps Specialist, Happiest Minds

Agenda of the Workshop:

  • App Modernization –  It’s role in transforming business processes
  • Conversational interface for App modernization
  • Bots and conversational interface
  • How are bots redefining the enterprises?
    • Success stories with the multiple avatars of Bot:  Customer Onboarding, Lead generation, Bots for data monetization, IT helpdesk, Customer service desk.
    • Enjoy the ride – The business problem, solution and its impact.
  • The Bot Journey
    • Plan for the Journey – What makes a successful Bot, designing the first impression, conversation design for Bots
    • Bot components – A quick demo- How can you build a bot quickly?
    • Power the Engine – Azure Bot framework
    • Set the route by training the Bot – An interactive session using cognitive service for designing conversations in conjunction with the Bot builder for various types of Bots
    • Learn as you go – Enable Self learning to make your bot intelligent. How can AI help make the bot intelligent? Use of Natural Language Processing engines to help implement a better conversational interface, curating and cleaning up content for consumption by Bot
  • Bot as a centralized conversational Interface
    • Externalizing conversation flows – How can you make Bots agile?
    • Fusing into Engineering Culture – How can we leverage Devops Principles to develop modern apps
    • Learning from Experience – Our learnings curve of building Modern Apps

The Key take away for attendees from the session would be

  • Approach towards App Modernization
  • Effective use of conversational interfaces as part of your digital journey  
  • How Microsoft Bot Framework can become the centralized Conversation Interface Platform