Intel Security and Happiest Minds Executive Round Table

Date: Aug 23, 2016 I Sep 7, 2016 (6:30 PM onwards)
Venue: The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore | Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

Happiest Minds and Intel Security jointly present a Round Table discussion on An Effective, Integrated Approach to Cybersecurity.

The challenges facing an organization in the current threat environment are many. The volume and diversity of events, the deluge of intelligence and log data, increasingly stringent regulatory and compliance requirements and lack of the required visibility into the environment are just a few that hamper efforts at quick detection and remediation.

Such a threat landscape therefore demands a cohesive and integrated approach to Cybersecurity – one that leverages multiple technologies working in tandem to address risks throughout the life cycle i.e. detection, triage, response and remediation. Only those organizations that effectively leverage automation, deep analytics, cross correlation across multiple domains of security can hope to defend themselves successfully.

This roundtable proposes to explore these aspects, by taking a closer look at the present threat landscape and challenges, to better understand how organizations can improve automation and orchestrate their entire threat defense lifecycle more effectively to eliminate the silos that continue to exist within security today.

This will be a closed-door, invite-only roundtable for senior IT Security practitioners.

 The roundtable will explore the following areas –

  • What are the challenges and where are the common points of failure?
  • A roadmap for integrated threat detection, response across multiple layers
  • Leveraging analytics and machine learning effectively, and in a contextual manner
  • The need for effective automation and overarching visibility into the IT environment
  • How can a comprehensive data protection strategy be implemented and sustained across the enterprise?

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