Date: Nov 7-8, 2016
Venue: Hilton Sydney

Happiest Minds is a proud sponsor of MagentoLive event in Australia. The agenda of the event is to:

•       Connect with eCommerce and technology experts including merchants, web design agencies, and system integrators.

•       Meet key Magento executives who will reveal future eCommerce trends and knowledge.

•       Pick up insights that will take your online business into the future, and beyond.

Next generation e-commerce is about engaging shopping experience, fast and agile deployments, omni channel presence, robust order management and rich insights. However, to achieve this retailers need to be prepared and require an efficient platform for selling products, managing catalog and inventory, marketing, CRM, reporting and shipping.

Magento for e-commerce websites is one of the best platform options that you can choose to engage your customers, nurture loyalty and empower retailers to thrive in the highly competitive e-commerce business world. Happiest Minds’ deep knowledge in Magento platform and strategies enables retailers to deliver secure, flexible and optimized e-commerce platform matching with their next generation e-commerce requirements.

We at Happiest Minds would love to see you at the event. Please get in touch with Dinesh Ramachandran for more details.