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What is Apache Lucene?

Apache Lucene is a high performance search technology which is available for free as open source from the Apache Software Foundation. Written in Java, Lucene is compatible with near about any application that requires full text search, especially when it comes to cross-platform. Organizations the world like AOL, IBM, Comcast Interactive Media amongst many others bank on this technology for its high performance, relevancy and scalability.

Features of Apache Lucene

As a 3rd generation search technology, Lucene power-packs an array of features such as text-compression and partitioned index strategy to enhance both, query performance and index flexibility, to name a few.

Scalable Indexing – Lucene performs at 150 GB/hour on modern hardware with a minimal RAM requirement of about 1MB heap. Its incremental indexing works as fast as batch indexing.

Powerful and precise algorithm – The search technology of Lucene derives the best results on priority. The results would be sorted by using any field as their parameters. It’s configurable storage engine, pluggable ranking model and flexible faceting further enhances the efficiency of the algorithm mechanism.

Cross-platform solution – As an open source software below the Apache, Lucene lets one use its license for both, commercial and open source programs.

Benefits of Apache Lucene

Speed – Lucene that works entirely on Java performs at a sub-second for most queries to deliver results, enhancing organizational efficiency.

Complete query capability – The search technology encompasses everything from spell-checking proximity operators to enabling multi-lingual search.

Holistic results – Lucene performs a full-result processing that includes relevancy-sorting, sorting using date or any given field and also dynamic summaries.

Probability – Lucene runs on just about any platform that is compatible with Java. What’s more, its indexes are portable across platforms too.

Take out

The fact that Lucene is an Apache open source software leverages a host of benefits to its end-users in terms of free use, independence and control one usually gets by writing software himself. It also lets users produce and distribute derivates and proprietary work without any degree of restrictions, making it one of the most efficient, scalable and accurate technology. That being said, its limitations hover over the fact that there are no formal support contracts, no assured availability of training or formalized release of testing programs.


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