Bangalore, India, June 22, 2015 – Mr. Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman along with Raja Shanmugam – Chief People Officer, Happiest Minds Technologies, a next generation digital transformation, infrastructure and security and product engineering services company recently addressed an audience comprising corporate HR Heads on ‘Employee Health & Wellness’.

The 90 minute event named HR Best Practices Forum conducted by Chestnut Global Partners (CGP) was a closed door knowledge sharing session to discuss the increasingly growing need for inculcating the culture of health & wellness in organizations. Mr. Soota delivered the key note address.

Both Mr. Soota and Raja spoke about comprehensive wellness programs and how companies could initiate the same in order to support a healthy state of mind, body and spirit of their employees.

“Young people in pursuit of their careers should not neglect their wellness. More than physical wellness, spiritual and emotional wellness is paramount. At Happiest Minds, wellness is seen through the eyes of happiness and I believe both are co-related. Happiest people make happiest customers; both internal and external,” said Mr. Soota.

Building on this theme, Raja shared, “In most organizations, the approach is to look at employee wellness through the prism of HR benefits. We feel this will have a wider acceptance and impact if it is implemented as part of a holistic people development process which focuses on Physical, spiritual, emotional, social, professional, intellectual and environmental wellness programs.” He also briefly shared some of the current implementation scenarios of these programs in Happiest Minds.

The objective of the Employee Health & Wellness Best Practices Forum was to facilitate exchange of thoughts and ideas which transcend into a more productive workplace environment.

Happiest Minds won the 5th spot across companies in India, in Chestnut Global Partners’ first and exclusive ‘Employee Health & Wellness Ranking 2014’ held last year. Put together by Chestnut Global Partners (CGP), a global provider of employee assistance programmes in association with the Society for Human Resources Management India, the rankings were based on a two-tier assessment that took into account parameters such as impact of health and wellness initiatives on the employees; innovation as well as sustainability. CGP believes that a strategically planned road map when executed by organisations can go a long way in creating an ecosystem that allows employees to experience a work-life balance and being healthy at work. CGP India stands committed to this ranking and will drive to grow the rankings from the current TOP 10. Visit for further information.


The session also unfolded an industry report on “Employee Stress and Wellbeing at the Workplace” by Chestnut Global Partners. The objective of the study was:

  • To construct a researched Indian benchmark for wellbeing, stress resilience and coping capacities of employees in an Indian work environment
  • To help organizations understand better, the impact of stressful working conditions
  • To identify and analyze stress management initiatives adopted by Indian companies

“CGP India takes pride in leading the Employee Health & Wellness change in India. While standalone ’employee welfare’ initiatives are not new to the Indian Industry, leadership companies in India have graduated to a more scientific and meaningful approach of integrating employee health and wellness with productivity and performance. The fast growing business environments compel business managers to ensure that for every dollar spent on employee initiatives, there is a return on investment,” said Nobby Nazareth, Managing Director, Chestnut Global Partners India.

The event ended with a Q&A session where the audience shared positive feedback and expressed their willingness to come together as a community to enhance the focus on Employee Wellness across the industry.

About Happiest Minds Technologies

Happiest Minds enables Digital Transformation for enterprises and technology providers by delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights through an integrated set of disruptive technologies: big data analytics, internet of things,mobility, cloud, security, unified communications, etc. Happiest Minds offers domain centric solutions applying skills, IPs and functional expertise in IT Services, Product Engineering, Infrastructure Management and Security. These services have applicability across industry sectors such as retail, consumer packaged goods, e-commerce, banking, insurance, hi-tech, engineering R&D, manufacturing, automotive and travel/transportation/hospitality.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Happiest Minds has operations in the US, UK, Singapore and Australia and has secured $52.5 million Series-A funding. Its investors are JPMorgan Private Equity Group, Intel Capital and Ashok Soota.

About Chestnust Global Partners

Chestnut Global Partners (CGP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chestnut Health Systems. Based in Bloomington, IL, CGP has been providing Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and related workplace services since 1984. The company has grown from a traditional provider of EAP to a leading national and international provider. CGP has an extensive network of providers covering all 50 states and an international network covering over 140 countries including offices in Belgium, Brazil, China, Hungary, India, Mexico and Russia. Although CGP is international in scope, they also provide “high touch” services to small and mid-size local or regional employer groups. The team is not the largest EAP organization in the country, nor are they owned by an insurance plan, but CGP is the most committed to delivering an exceptionally high quality and responsive program that will exceed customers’ expectations. For more details, visit

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