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Omni-Channel Retail

The word ‘omni’ means ‘all’ or ‘every’ in Latin. The term ‘omni-channel’, thus refers to ‘all channels’. Changing consumer behaviour, preferences and expectations make it imperative for businesses to reach out to customers in every way possible, so they can…

Digital Transformation in Retail – A 30 Day Action Plan

Radical changes in the business landscape demand that enterprises relook their business models, add innovative capabilities and strategize keeping new imperatives in mind

Unified Communications Solution for Retail Industry

As retail industry grapples with the shifting consumer behaviour and highly disruptive influx of new technologies, Unified Communications Solution offers a unique opportunity for growth.

Using Apache Solr for Ecommerce Search Applications

Online retailers are finding unprecedented growth in sales over the past few years. Forrester statistics predicts that online sales growth in the U.S. shall trend at a 10% compound annual growth rate through 2014[1]. Ecommerce, which generated $231 billion in…

Social Commerce: The transformation of eCommerce with Social Computing

This white paper aims to help readers understand the impact of Social Media on eCommerce businesses in the current economic environment. Retailers and ecommerce businesses need to leverage the reach of Social Media to connect with a bigger audience. This…

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