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User Behaviour based Anomaly Detection for Cyber Network Security

Combating the inside threat requires reimagining cybersecurity – and embracing predictive analytics to the core.

The Power of Games: How to Generate a Successful Gamification Strategy

Gamification is about taking the essence of games—fun, play, transparency, design and challenge—and applying it to real-world objectives.

Banking Digitalization | Revolution | A way forward

“Digital” is the new buzz word in the banking sector, with banks all around the globe shifting towards digitalization.

Omni-Channel Retail

The word ‘omni’ means ‘all’ or ‘every’ in Latin. The term ‘omni-channel’, thus refers to ‘all channels’. Changing consumer behaviour, preferences and expectations make it imperative for businesses to reach out to customers in every way possible, so they can…

Digital Transformation in Banking – The Future of Banking

Digital Transformation is far beyond just moving from traditional banking to a digital world. It is a vital change in how banks and other financial institutions learn about, interact with and satisfy customers

Digital Transformation in Retail – A 30 Day Action Plan

Radical changes in the business landscape demand that enterprises relook their business models, add innovative capabilities and strategize keeping new imperatives in mind

Digital Signage – The future of Customer Experience

Digital signage is changing the way we do business and serve our customers. From search and research to reviews and purchase, it’s redefining the way people shop.

Big Data 101

The big impact of Big Data in the post-modern world is unquestionable, un-ignorable and unstoppable today. While there are certain discussions around Big Data being really big, here to stay or just an over hyped fad

An Analysis of Mobile Application Development Approaches

With the surge of mobile devices in the market and its wide-spreading applicability in almost all sectors of the world, it has become very important to assess the development approaches in building information systems on the mobile. Mobile devices being…

Mobile Dashboards For Executives

Mobility enabled executive dashboards can prove to be an extremely helpful tool for the executives. Mobile dashboards address all the aforementioned challenges in a seamless way. Being handy, mobile devices enables availability of right knowledge about the state of the…

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