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Transforming Online Retail Using Social User Data Analytics

Shopping is inherently a social experience. Meeting up with friends in a mall, sipping coffee and window-shopping together, browsing through the wares in a busy shopping district, stumbling across cool, unexpected treasures—these are the moments that make "going out shopping"…

AirAudit: Intelligent Audit Solution for Airlines – Reducing Revenue Leakage & Improving Operational Efficiency

In recent times, the airline industry is focusing on ways to increase profitability, using appropriate service enhancement techniques, marketing scheduling and revenue management strategies. One such strategy is Make-easy-Travel. In line with this system, customers can book, cancel or make…

A predictive approach to understand online buyers’ behavior

Retail and E-commerce are one of the first industries that recognized the benefits of using predictive analytics and started to employ it. In fact understanding of the customer is a first-priority goal for any retailer. In today’s competitive business environment…

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