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Can Securing Critical Digital Assets Be Made Simple? Absolutey

With more and more corporate content stored in the cloud, securing digital assets is becoming increasingly difficult. Organizations need platforms or solution that allows users to manage their Digital Content securely throughout their lifecycle, thereby delivering a Smart, Seamless &…

Big Data: Why should enterprises adopt it

Today enterprises are in the midst of a transformation that compels them to be analytics-driven to remain competitive in the coming years. Analysing their data will not only enable them to get a thorough insight about their business, but also…

An Analysis of Mobile Application Development Approaches

With the surge of mobile devices in the market and its wide-spreading applicability in almost all sectors of the world, it has become very important to assess the development approaches in building information systems on the mobile. Mobile devices being…

Mobile Dashboards For Executives

Mobility enabled executive dashboards can prove to be an extremely helpful tool for the executives. Mobile dashboards address all the aforementioned challenges in a seamless way. Being handy, mobile devices enables availability of right knowledge about the state of the…

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