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Drive Efficiency Through RPA

With the rise in digital technology, many organizations are adopting digital solutions in all aspects of the business starting from cloud-based solutions, mobile-enabled real-time updates, customer or user experience to reporting and back-office process optimization...

NLP-Driven Qualitative Assessment

Customer-facing marketing material usually apprises a prospect about a company’s products or services and their benefits. Persuasive content can lead to conversion while feeble content can steer a prospect toward competitors...

Multi-Cloud Adoption: Challenges and Best Practices

Today, “multi-cloud environment” is not a new terminology for enterprises. When an organization takes the initiative to adopt infrastructure and services from different cloud vendors, we say that it is leveraging a multi-cloud environment. There are extremely convincing reasons that…

Weaving the Digital Thread in A Manufacturing Setup

Happiest Minds offers customized solutions for the manufacturing industry, including procurement of raw materials, operations, production, compliance and outbound inventory management.

What is Data Ops? Why Data Ops the feature | Happiest Minds.

DataOps is like DevOps which is most adopted in the world of Agile Product Development where, the Development teams do the IT operations however through tools, processes and collaboration framework

IoT Managed Services For Connected Products – Success Stories | Happiest Minds

How happiest minds delivered the enabling efficient provisioning for new access network devices by Addressing the challenges of the service of Service Providers, ISVs, OEMs through IoT Managed Services.

Intelligent Manufacturing Using IoT Trends – Success Stories | Happiest Minds

Read out the success stories of Shifting Focus From B2B to B2B2C using Digital trends of Intelligent Manufacturing, IoT expansion with AR & VR enhancement.  

The Role of IoT in Providing Security, Efficiency & Accessibility in Education

Technologies such as 3D positioning can monitor the students all the time and report their presence at any point in time. IoT can add tremendous value in terms of increasing the security of the Schools.

Enabling Intelligent Public Transportation Using IOT

Transportation is the respiratory system of our economy as every day the world relies on a complex network of transportation system responsible for facilitating full range of human activities sustaining the civilization. According to a recent study US road traffic…

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