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IoT Security Challenges and  Best Practices

The use of IoT devices is rapidly increasing, and IoT services have become vital. Along with success, several security risks and exploits against IoT devices have been identified, and it is growing with the technology...

Dark Web Monitoring – Stay vigilant to know if your footprints are available at Dark Web

In the modern internet age, personal information shared or stored online is not secure. Many organizations are facing data breach issues and hacks...

Microsoft Intune Windows Autopilot

Windows autopilot is one of the features in Microsoft Intune, which gives you enhanced ability to set-up and pre-configure new devices, getting them ready for productive use. You can also use windows reset, repurpose and recover devices. Windows device life…

Securing Your Cloud Journey in the Digital Era- Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds provides a holistic approach to cloud security, effectively protecting data applications and cloud system apps. The portfolio covers cloud management, cloud security, application modernization & migration, data migration & re-platforming, and infrastructure migration.

Managed Infrastructure Services

The digital technology advancements are taking the IT world by storm. The disruptive technologies including Cloud Computing, Mobility, IoT, Big data and Predictive analytics are driving the digital revolution by breaking the barriers between the physical and digital worlds.

How do you deal with POODLE Vulnerability?

An unpredicted flaw was discovered in version 3 of the SSL protocol which let attackers to decrypt information that was thought to be transmitted over to a secure HTTPS connection without any discrepancies.

User Behavior based Anomaly Detection for Cyber Network Security

Combating the inside threat requires reimagining cybersecurity – and embracing predictive analytics to the core.

Unified Cyber Security Monitoring and Management Framework

Today, organizations rely heavily on cyber space to reach out to new customers and geographies, drive new business models and enhance operational efficiencies. However, given the increase in the number and sophistication of cyber threats and attacks, it's very critical…

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