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User Behaviour based Anomaly Detection for Cyber Network Security

Combating the inside threat requires reimagining cybersecurity – and embracing predictive analytics to the core.

Anomaly Detection Solutions for Increased Analytics Insights

Anomaly detection (or outlier detection) is a process of the identifying items, events or observations which do not conform to an expected pattern of data in a dataset. Generally, the data in a given data pool is related/correlated with each other…

Vega HTTP The High Performance Web Server

In this paper we present our lightweight, high-performance, low-latency web-server called VEGA-HTTP, its architecture and compare its performance with other existing popular open-source web-servers. Along with the existing platform we are also sharing things we have planned to develop in the future.

Moving Towards a Virtual Data Center

Global data is on the rise, in terms of scale, complexity and functionality, paving a way for data centers to be more intuitive, coherent, holistic, and easily accessible. With disruptive technologies such as Big Data, Mobile Technologies, Social Network and…

Big Data 101

The big impact of Big Data in the post-modern world is unquestionable, un-ignorable and unstoppable today. While there are certain discussions around Big Data being really big, here to stay or just an over hyped fad

Big Data: Why should enterprises adopt it

Today enterprises are in the midst of a transformation that compels them to be analytics-driven to remain competitive in the coming years. Analysing their data will not only enable them to get a thorough insight about their business, but also…

Big Data – Infrastructure Considerations

Big Data is a much talked about technology across businesses today. A vast majority of organizations spanning across industries are convinced of its usefulness, but the implementation focus is primarily application oriented than infrastructure oriented. However, the infrastructure architecture for…

Know Your Big Data- In 10 Minutes

Various phenomena such as the digitization and usage of content, social web behaviour targeted online advertising, mobile phone location based interactions, online trending topics and so on are generating massive amounts of data. With availability of affordable hardware (cloud) and…

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