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Complete Guide to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Over the past few year’s technologies have transformed us beyond our imagination; Data has played a significant role in this transformation. Data is considered the new gold, and most businesses depend...

Data masking – Big Data Environment Best Practices

Discover the potential of environmental data, and learn how it's used in business and research, with the Best Practices to deal with Big Data Risks and Data Masking.

Moving to Clouds? Simplify your approach to understand the risks and protect your data

Cloud based services add to the complexities of managing traditional security & compliance risks. Identifying and addressing risks associated with moving your data, applications and services are not the only thing that an organization has to consider. An organization also…

Data Classification – Taking control of your data

In today's business scenario, data has undeniably become the lifeline of any enterprise that looks to create value for itself and its stakeholders. Technology is increasingly becoming the fundamental fabric across organizations, irrespective of industry, in the way they conduct…

IP Risk Assessment & Loss Prevention

Often when organizations are expanding rapidly, they do not give sufficient and necessary focus on information security aspects and guidelines, specifically IP protection. The focus has always been on BAU, market growth and business expansions. However, the security of an…

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