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How do you deal with POODLE Vulnerability?

An unpredicted flaw was discovered in version 3 of the SSL protocol which let attackers to decrypt information that was thought to be transmitted over to a secure HTTPS connection without any discrepancies.

Wireless Security Assessment Methodology

Owing to the outburst of wireless networks around the world and how organizations of almost all sizes have been evolving to fit them into their operational architecture, the need to assess the degree of security of the same has been…

Network Penetrating Testing

Penetration Testing is an authorized, proactive attempt to measure the security of an IT system by safely exploiting its vulnerabilities, mostly to evaluate application flaws, improper configurations, risky end-user behavior. Be that as it may, why would you voluntarily perform…

Elevation of Mobile Security Risks in the Enterprise Threat Landscape

Enterprises are rapidly adopting innovative mobile applications to transform their business capabilities as the mobile presence is critical for businesses to attract, retain and communicate with customers; it has become an integral part at both work and in their personal…

Battling it out- Application and Mobile Security

Today's corporate world is part of the battleground fighting against potential threats and attacks. Though the threat landscape is evolving rapidly, security has usually always caught up to gain the upper hand. This paper throws light on sophisticated types of…

How to make Mobile Device Management Security Policy more effective

As acceptance of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is fast becoming inevitable, applying corporate security policies to smartphones can pose even bigger challenges. Especially, if employees use personal devices for work (BYOD),   then any policy that restricts…

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