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User Behavior based Anomaly Detection for Cyber Network Security

Combating the inside threat requires reimagining cybersecurity – and embracing predictive analytics to the core.

Unified Communication Technologies – Connecting Travel Industry the Right Way

In modern times, when people are travelling more than ever, the factors which determine or influence travelling behaviour are becoming increasingly complicated and hard to decipher. It is difficult to pick and choose specific technologies that help to create a…

Top Challenges and Benefits of Unified Communications in the Manufacturing Industry

Communications is fast becoming a driving force for the manufacturing industry. This paper attempts to throw light on the top challenges faced by modern day manufacturing industries and how Unified Communications (UC) can address those issues.

How to Reduce Churn in a Telco Industry

A churn can be defined as the percentage of subscribers moving from a specific service provider or service to another in a given period of time. Although very rampant in the Telecom space, churn is seen more among satellite TV,…

Flow Document – A solution to text readers in .Net

.Net provides a wide variety of features. At times some of the features don’t get due credit from developers. One of these features is Flow Document. Flow Documents were introduced with .Net Framework 3.0. It is a kind of container…

Unified Communications for Business [CEBP]

Unified communications (UC) has gone through several market transitions since its inception. Over the past few years, we've heard terms like "integrated communications", "IP communications" and "unified communications and collaboration" as terms that further the definition of UC.

Rules Harvesting from Source Code

Custom software applications developed over the last ten to fifteen years have become more and more complex. As the business environment becomes very dynamic, the ability to make rapid changes to business rules logic in these applications becomes critical. However…

Using Apache Solr for Ecommerce Search Applications

Online retailers are finding unprecedented growth in sales over the past few years. Forrester statistics predicts that online sales growth in the U.S. shall trend at a 10% compound annual growth rate through 2014[1]. Ecommerce, which generated $231 billion in…

Data Visualization & Reporting for Case Management

In the Case Management space, one critical area for helping improve efficiencies of case workers is that of analytics and reporting. Generating and presenting case reports based on various key performance indicators (KPIs) is critical to empower the case worker…

WAN Migration Techniques

Today’s changing business models are forcing more and more enterprises to find different ways to utilize WAN more effectively and efficiently.

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