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Top 10 Questions while embracing Cloud: CIO Edition

During my many interactions with the CXOs, Technology Partners & Evangelists, Senior Business Sponsors and Industry-Forum Leads - I have come across various concerns, inhibitions and perceptions about Cloud Adoption. I have also come across..

The Next Generation Social Banking Ecosystem: A Road Map for Banks

Traditional loyalty and rewards programs are primarily transaction-oriented, taking into account only a customers' transaction history with less focus on the overall customer relationship, a customer's social influence, preferences or clout....

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: Embracing the new customer experience paradigm

In the social paradigm, organizations need to realize that the key is to have meaningful conversations that can lead to insights for actions. Customer service agents need to take time, think and actually hear people out before engaging in a…

Measuring what matters

Social media dashboards prioritizes the things that are easy to report, not the things that are actually important to a brand. It’s no surprise that brand managers can’t make sense of reports full of click through rates, fan counts, downloads…

Rise of social enterprise

Social media is transforming how we connect and share in our personal lives and—increasingly—in business. Our customers are just as likely to look for us on Facebook as they are to visit our corporate website. Internally, we work more productively…

Six steps to cloud adoption

As cloud computing moves to the mainstream, we see a trend, especially among large organizations, towards private cloud implementations. The trend is logical – for the simple reason that implementing them makes good business sense for large enterprises with significant…

S.M.I.L.E.S: The Differentiating Quotient for Happiness at Work

Is Workplace Happiness important to you? What contributes to Workplace Happiness? How does Happiest Minds celebrate the simple hypothesis: ‘in order to have happy, satisfied and loyal customers, organizations should have happy, satisfied and loyal employees’? Read this white paper…

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