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A unified customer experience is the need of the hour. Buyers expect consistent interaction whenever and wherever they interact with a brand. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a unique set of capabilities to fuel your commerce experiences across all channels, bringing digital commerce, point-of-sale, store operations, order management, and predictive intelligence into a shared commerce experience.

Commerce Cloud provides an unmatched shopping experience, empowering your team in improving operational efficiency. It gives valuable insights and intelligence to serve buyers in a better way. This unified platform powers your commerce business across all channels such as web, mobile, social, kiosk, store, and call center to stay competitive and provides a desirable customer experience.

Choosing a Salesforce commerce cloud implementation will ensure a unified customer experience for one-to-one shopping endeavours, improving business agility, driving higher revenue and quicker time to value.

Happiest Minds will help you get the maximum out of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We perform assessment at the start of your project to estimate the number of critical objects, structural differences, and the scale of customization required to exactly understand the Commerce Cloud implementation effort. We have the resources and the expertise to provide globally scalable commerce solutions that engage consumers and open new revenue streams.

Features & Benefits

  • Build and implement agile, scalable and secure Commerce Cloud
  • Develop new features and enhancement for instant innovation
  • Create API based unique customization and integration to foster customized brand experience
  • Leverage full capability of Commerce Cloud to create unified, cross-channel experiences
  • Empower Operations- Facilitate teams with rich capabilities to anticipate shopper needs and increase sale
  • Improve Conversion- Attract new customers and build deeper relationships with customers for higher conversion rate
  • Faster Time-To-Market- Quickly launch new brands and new sites and manage multiple brands or country sites all from the same environment
  • Extend Commerce- Power digital commerce anywhere, on mobile devices, through social channels, and even in the store
  • Unified Experience- Deliver a seamless experience across multiple platforms that customers expect with distributed order management capabilities
  • Strengthen Communication- Drive one-to-one personalization with email. Tailor the elements of every email message - products, offers, and creative - for each and every recipient.
  • Drive Business Growth-Get specific comparisons based on geography, retail sub-verticals, and channel to benchmark and drive profitable business decisions


Visual Design

A superior digital brand  and commerce experience is essential to a cloud strategy. It’s imperative to work towards deploying a design that delights your customers by breathing simplicity and beauty into it. We can develop a smart, customer centric solution which would not only be pleasing to the eye, but will lay down a definite path for the users to purchase from any channel. Our efforts will include the following:

  • Initial discovery of the scope and requirement
  • Wireframing
  • Front end build
  • Configuration and development
  • Developing custom cartridges
Omni-Channel Commerce

Cloud based software solutions are facilitating customer experience across all points of commerce, including web, mobile, social, call center, brick and mortar store– right from shopping to fulfillment to post-sale service. Salesforce Commerce Cloud can offer an integrated set of processes, tools and capabilities to power an omni-channel strategy to drive satisfaction and growth. Our omni channel expertise offers you to:

  • Drive store innovation via bringing POS into the cloud
  • Enable fulfillment anywhere, buying anywhere
  • Streamline operations and store management
  • Unify digital and physical experience
Site Optimization

Great experiences are all about building simple, user friendly, pleasant interfaces. To enhance visibility and draw potential buyers, Commerce Cloud site optimization tools can improve ranking and website traffic. At Happiest Minds we amalgamate strategic insights as well as our proven e-commerce expertise to offer intuitive retail experiences that guides customer to make instinctive buying decisions. Our optimization techniques will include:

System Integration

Owing to the open architecture of Salesforce commerce cloud, integration and customization can be effortlessly achieved. The commerce cloud is equipped with a complete development environment that can enable integrations including various media asset management systems, product information management systems and others. There are also pre-built integrations, immune to failures, that are easy to connect with 3rd party technologies. We will provide you unique benefits that will help you optimize an e-commerce site experience. We are:

  • Equipped to carry out Systems integration as well as ERP and Warehousing systems implementation
  • Able to customize integrations for older as well as smaller systems
  • Experienced in all major warehouse, RMS and ERP systems including- InforLN, Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP Oracle, Sage, NetSuite and NAV
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