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The new breed of tech-savvy employees expect the same mobile-first, connected, and personalized experiences at work that they’re familiar with in their personal lives as customers. Heightened employee expectations and need to enhance efficiency and boost retention rate are changing business dynamics – giving birth to truly digital workplaces. Providing employees a structured on boarding experience can boost new hire productivity by up to 54% and increase retention rate by 50%. Delivering an enriched, seamless, contextual, and mobile experience to employees has become critical requisite for creating enhanced customer experiences.

Happiest Minds Digital Employee Experience service enables organizations to transform traditional fragmented practices to highly integrated and digitally enhanced on boarding process and engagements that drive advocacy, retention, and productivity. Built on the same award winning platform as that of HR Chatbot, our AI powered employee engagement solution enables enterprises to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience to prospective candidates, new hires and employees alike. We help our clients:

  • Engage candidate right from the start employing technologies like bot based first level interviews and facial recognition.
  • Boost productivity and retention of new employees.
  • Monitor employee engagement from a user friendly advanced analytics dashboard.
  • Infer employee sentiment and identify most prevalent pain points.
  • Leverage employee analytics to drive next level of engagement, aggregate performance data, and identify compensation.
  • Reduce HR costs while enhancing employee satisfaction and business efficiency.
  • Create highly effective training programs based on real-time analytics.
  • Enable truly anonymous anti-harassment awareness model and conduct personalized surveys.

Our Digital Employee Experience solution leverages mobile, social collaboration, machine-learning, and other emerging technologies to deliver employee experiences on par with consumer-grade solutions. We help our clients transform employee engagement, service delivery, communications, learning, collaboration, and talent development fostering next generation digital workplaces.


Personalized Employee Search and On Boarding

Identify the best fit employee for your organization and deliver a completely digital, contextual, and highly personalized on boarding experience, right from the first interview.

Process Automation

Leverage AI powered chatbot to automate repetitive processes and drive informed decision making with innovative analytics dashboard. Empower HRs with the right tools to analyze high volume data with ease, reduce HR costs, and enhance efficiency.

Personalized Intranet Portals

Create highly adaptable and personalized intranet portals that seamlessly adapt to any changes based on usage and performance data to enhance employee productivity.

Continuous Training Programs

Design personalized training programs and recommend best-fit training plans to employees to foster a culture of continuous growth.



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