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In a wider global customer acceptance and deeper implementations of Cloud, Big Data and Mobile Technologies demands immediate attention and a redefined approach for the Infrastructure Technologies. When there is an infrastructure upgrade or deployment for usual business needs, the IT enterprises make sure that the implementation is accurate and secure. However it is very difficult to establish an equal level of monitoring when it comes to every day functioning. The result of this is affecting the end user by slow bandwidth, data pack corruptions and losses, malfunctioning of connectivity. To cater to this problem Happiest Minds has developed a unique testing framework which will test and certify the quality of the infrastructure and make sure that it is defect free.

Why Happiest Minds Testing Services?

The Happiest Minds Testing Services are built on deep understanding of disruptive technologies and strong industry domain expertise.

  • Creative, Smart and Effective Testing Techniques and Methodologies that can help our customers achieve reliable and predictable deployment and release readiness.
  • Higher Test Efficiency, Assured cost savings – release on release or yearly basis.
  • The Happiest Minds Testing team culture is strongly built on “Product Quality Ownership” mindset, deep domain knowledge and delivery excellence.
  • Focused services that span both the breadth of the quality equation (end to end application landscape testing) as also the depth (technology, domain, standards, application and platform).

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Happiest Minds Testing Service Offerings

Software Product Engineering

Application Services

Infrastructure Management Services


Big Data & Analytics


Social Computing

Unified Communications

Quality Assurance and Test Engineering Services
System | Functional | Test Automation | Non Functional | White box

Specialized Testing for Disruptive Technologies
Migration | Compliance | Performance | Security | Interoperability | Localization | Usability

Integrated Next Generation Test Frameworks for Disruptive Technologies
Customer Scenario Frameworks blended with Disruptive Technologies and Domain

Unified Test Automation Frameworks for Disruptive Technologies
Test Automation / Maintenance / Accelerators

Testing Consultancy Services
Test Engineering | Automation | QA Process | Agile Testing | Centers of Excellence

Testing services



Platform Migration Testing Service

The Platform Migration Testing Service monitor migration of operating system and hardware refresh from one platform to another. It is a comprehensive approach for verifying the migrated setup and make sure that it is error free. The following items to be proactively verified before migration:

  • Operating system and hardware compatibility
  • Applications compatibility with the new platform
  • User profiles migration
  • Image creation and deployment
  • Peripherals compatibility
Disaster Recovery Testing

The biggest disaster for an Enterprise is when an application or environment is not available or is partially available to its end users. Happiest Minds Accelerated Testing, Pre-defined Testing Libraries and Test Automation Framework helps Enterprises to maintain the normalcy of the functioning and mitigates the damages on time. Our integrated and all-encompassing approach validates the implementations and makes sure that all resources are available.

Our Key Test Coverage:

  • Testing disaster recovery procedures, guidelines and checklists
  • Testing of BCP with replication of facility and corresponding guidelines and checklists
  • Periodic testing of manual, automated and scheduled back-up process and disk mirroring
  • Audit of human resource and facility availability in case of natural disaster
  • Testing of restoration mechanism
  • Provide solution
Availability Testing

Availability testing has always been about counting and curtailing the actual repair time. It offers a platform that can be used for a planned period of time which collects failure cases and repair times and then comparing them to the original service level agreement.

Our Availability Testing Service Comprises of:

  • Low Resource Testing
  • Fail Over Testing and Fail Back Testing
  • Stress Testing – Spike or Bounce Testing
  • Specific Latency Testing
Datacenter Migration Testing

To ensure the stability of the applications hosted in different data servers we carry out a scalability assessment to ensure the functional availability after migration.

  • Stability of the datacenter after upgrade
  • Dependency of one component of the datacenter with other component
  • Making the scalability plan robust and foreseen
  • Assessment and verification of preventive plan to avoid failure
  • Verification of the incident, Event logs and if events are proper
Back up Migration Testing

Key Test coverage:

  • Comparing Data Domain compression rates
  • Quantifying the Data Domain deduplication ratio using increased data loads
  • Quantifying the impact of running read queries and write queries on the database while running backups
  • Quantifying the successful restoration of data with the time to complete the restores


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