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Some of the most significant technological advancements of the 20th century were made during the industrial revolution. As these technologies matured, they found widespread acceptance across the commercial and consumer industries as well.

However, by the beginning of this century, the frenetic pace at which advancements were made earlier in the Industrial world had markedly slowed down due to a few reasons.

  • Life Span of Industrial Deployments:Most industrial deployments are usually closed loop systems and have a typical lifespan of more than 20 years.
  • Nature of Industrial Automation:Most industrial automation communications protocols have adopted a hierarchical master-slave architecture. Master devices are typically PLCs or intelligent control units while slave devices are usually the motor drives, and sensors.
  • Issues with Standardization:The Industrial marketplace has been plagued by either a lack of standards in some cases or too many standards in others. This scenario is often worsened by the presence of multiple vendors across data and gateways in the overall operating ecosystem. For instance, there are currently more than 120 serial communications standards and upwards of 25 Ethernet-based protocols that can be deployed leading to a complex and de-regulated environment.
  • Security Concerns:As industrial systems have become a little more open, security has emerged as a major area of concern. The difficulty in developing an appropriate system-wide security management system combined with inadequate scalable IT infrastructures has led to valid concerns about the security of industrial systems.

Happiest Minds provides expertise across all layers of Connected factories, Connected Supply chain, Connected Products and Connected Services. We have been serving Industrial OEMs, Industrial platform providers and Industrial solution companies and are uniquely positioned to help our clients by helping them ‘Modernizing the CORE’ and ‘Leveraging the NEW’.

Our primary offerings are as follows:


Digital Strategy Assessment

We offer strategic consulting designed specifically to help our clients draw out a long-term roadmap before embarking on a digital journey. This is a 5-week module which includes a value discovery workshop, assessment, solution development strategy and creation of an implementation roadmap.

Embedded Product Engineering

Embedded product design requires trained talent, expensive tools, modern equipment, and support services such as industrial design, mechanical design, thermal engineering and regulatory certifications. For original equipment manufacturers, it is often difficult to get all these elements to come together under one roof. We at Happiest Minds offer a wide range of Embedded Design Services that would help to transform an idea into a complete product We offer -.

  • Device, Controller, Gateway Hardware Architecture design, PCB design, FPGA design and simulation.
  • Firmware Architecture design, OS, Drivers, User interface, Test & Diagnostics, Custom software applications, Support for regulatory compliance certifications and field trails.
  • Mechanical enclosure design and Thermal engineering.
Edge and Communication Engineering

Our offering covers designing the edge hardware or bringing in off-the-shelf components as needed. The key emphasis however is on firmware development, edge middleware development, communication protocol integration (including FDI/FDT, OPC-UA) and HMI development.

Platform Engineering

Apart from helping sustain and enhance the existing platforms, Happiest Minds helps the customers create the next generation platforms based on following elements:

  • Cloud Migration with Micro-Services Architecture and WEBAPI
  • IIOT Enablement (Azure IoT/AWS IoT/PTC Thingworx)
  • Edge processing framework
  • Analytics:
    1. Asset analytics for condition monitoring.
    2. Predictive Maintenance for Failure Prevention
    3. Audio: Conversational Interfaces
    4. Video: Person, Face, Gesture
    5. Image: OCR, Image Classification
    6. Text: NLP, Text Mining
  • UX and Visualization Apps for both mobile and web
DevOps and Test Automation

We have developed various frameworks that can be used to enable test automation, continuous integration and deployment for efficiently maintaining and managing a modern industrial infrastructure. Some of these frameworks include – field device test automation frameworks, simulators for BLE profiles and Modbus slave, reference implementation of OPC-UA, API test automation frameworks, selenium-based automation frameworks and DevOps frameworks for both Azure and AWS infrastructure.

Solution Engineering

We help in creating UX lead secure application workflows to effectively sustain business and plant operations. We get started with a conceptual prototype and UX design workshops. We have helped our clients create native and responsive web applications that support multiple form factors and user devices.

Customer Experience Engineering

There are two key elements of customer experience which Happiest Minds can help address:

  • Connected Field Service Platforms: We facilitate the optimization of existing systems and introduction of newer technologies. The three key aspects which we can address are
    1. AR/VR based training and field repairs
    2. Blockchain based supply chain and fleet optimizations
    3. Improved contract management metrics
  • Connect Support and Feedback Platforms: We help you in
    1. Automating work order generation and predictive maintenance
    2. E-Commerce: Identifying parts and accessories across the consumables supply chain
    3. Enhancing the design and quality of products by looking at the usage data, EOL data and health check data.



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