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Industrial Automation suppliers are faced with the predicament of weighing the risk of adopting new technologies that may create unforeseen complications against the possibility of falling behind the curve to competitors who have a higher risk appetite.

We are amid accelerated transformation that is being driven by Industry 4.0 and an important aspect of it is the role software has to play in industrial automation systems. A key driver in the overall automation of systems has been the focus on quality that necessitates a larger shift from electronics to software.

The needs and demands of modern-day industrial automation systems are constantly evolving and quality assurance can no longer be an afterthought. Quality assurance methods need to evolve rapidly and there are only a few service providers who have the experience and pedigree required to enable this change.

Happiest Minds Technologies has a thriving practice comprising of some of the most experienced and innovative minds who are focused on creating end to end quality assurance and validation solutions. We provide both manual testing and Test automation offerings around these areas –

  • SCADA & Visualization Testing
  • Data & Platform Testing
  • Control Domain Testing
  • Test Automation


SCADA & Visualization Testing

We provide testing and validation that covers control systems, control actions testing, communication tests, protocols tests, storage tests, configuration and API testing for SCADA support and reports validation.

  • SCADA Testing
  • Communication Tests – Ethernet, Serial
  • Protocols Tests
  • Configuration Testing – Device configuration, Tagging
  • HMI Validation
  • Data Type Validation
  • API & GUI Testing
  • Smart Objects validation, Mapping Tests & Animation Validation
Data & Platform Testing

As part of this functional layer, we provide testing and validation involving device onboarding, monitoring, access and rules validation, database, API testing, latency and non-functional testing between gateway and end devices.

  • Device – onboarding & monitoring validation
  • Diagnostics Checks
  • Access Management Test
  • Command & Events handlers
  • Rules Validation
  • Database Write Tests
  • API Testing
  • Performance Tests
  • Security Testing 
Control Domain Testing

We provide Testing services covering device management, RTU and PLC validation for IO Config, Protocol Testing and Network Connectivity – WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular.

  • Device – Management, Configuration and Connectivity Tests
  • RTU, PLC validation for IO config
  • GPIO Tests – Alarms validation
  • Protocol Validation – Modbus RTU, TCP, BacNet IP, OPC_UA
  • Cloud Connectivity – WiFi , Cellular, BLE, Zigbee, DNP3 and OTA Tests
  • IoT Protocols – MQTT, CoAP, AMQP
  • Digital & Analog IO tests
  • Test bench setup simulated testing and Performance Testing
Test Automation

Happiest minds has invested in creating test automation frameworks and accelerators for devices, gateways, configuration related Cloud API Tests, pre-built libraries, end device simulation, Modbus slave simulators & connectivity profile simulators.

  • Python, Selenium, Pytest, Pyunit, Pywin, Robot, QT, PyQt
  • Pre-Built Protocol Keyword libraries and transceivers for different communication
  • QT HMI Test Automation using Squish
  • Embedded Test Automation Framework
  • End device simulation
  • Modbus slave simulators
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