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Marketing has seen an unprecedented transformation in the recent years, where the association between customers and brands has evolved significantly. It’s led by the proliferation of smart devices, ubiquitous presence of technology, the emergence of digital native, culture of 24/7 connectivity and the deep penetration of social media. Marketers all over the world wish to leverage from it more than ever, and it’s all possible with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you fuel your customer journey by developing personalized, relationships with them. It helps you deliver exceptional brand experiences across channels through its unique digital marketing platform. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you evolve, adapt and scale rapidly in today’s changing market environment. It will enable you to send across the right message at the right time, through all the phases of your customers’ journey.

The Salesforce marketing cloud offers you a 360 degree view of your customers, by giving you a personalized experience and flexible service, customized to your business. Reporting and tracking at every step of your customer journey is made possible by communicating with them in a uniform brand voice via email, mobile, social media, targeted ads, web, predictive intelligence, and customer data platform. This forges a much stronger, significant relationship with your customers as you rely on a robust intelligence mechanism, that helps you connect the dots across all your customer touch points.

The Salesforce Marketing cloud will help you clearly chalk out the interactions with your customers, carve predictive journeys, cultivate customers into deeply engaged users, while giving your marketers the right insights. Marketing cloud gives you a scalable and secure platform while connecting your entire business across disciplines and departments.

Features & Benefits

  • Journey Builder- To help marketers customize their interactions with customers according to their real-time behaviors
  • Contact Builder- To put together customer data from multiple sources for having a better grasp of their behavior and other attributes
  • Email- To easily send and organize emails on the basis of data and insights
  • Social Studio- To map, execute and track social media campaigns
  • Cross Channel implementation- For consistent customer experience across channels
  • Content Builder- For creating powerful and smart content via mobile-optimized templates and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Personalized offers, rewards and promos
  • Unparalleled customer journeys
  • Exceptional social experiences
  • Personalized email marketing
  • Cross-channel journeys
  • Aligning marketing and sales to drive results


Marketing Cloud Planning & Strategy

There’s nothing more valuable for a marketer than knowing the right moment to engage with their prospects. It’s crucial to devise a strategy and tactical plan to map engagement initiatives, develop timelines, set targets and fix the budgets for your marketing endeavors.

We closely work with you to sketch your needs, scale and marketing objectives to chart personalized customer journeys. We will put together a sound Salesforce marketing cloud solution that will include:

  • Creating a single customer view using available data
  • Creating marketing automation process in conjunction with your objectives
  • Maximizing engagement with omni-channel execution
  • Mapping journeys and interactions throughout customer life cycle
  • Gauge and review performance via creating a framework
Marketing Cloud Implementation

Implementing Salesfore Marketing Cloud will take guesswork out of the equation for all your campaigns. You get the capability to drive your customer journeys on a one-on-one basis, by providing you real time intelligence, collective data and strategic guidance for future and ongoing marketing initiatives. The implementation will greatly help in guiding your customers on your desired path, based on their anticipated or existing behavior. Our journey builder expertise will include customer engagement marketing, customer journey automation, relationship marketing, campaign management, besides nurturing and lead scoring. Our scope of work will include:


  • Exploring the scope to determine the needs and end objectives
  • Creating project plan and solution blueprint in agreement with the desired milestones
  • Configuration, and setting up of Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Automation of data sources, outputs and rules
  • Development of assets e.g., emails, landing pages for marketing initiatives
  • Customer journey builds along with Integrated campaigns
  • System review and Testing
  • On-boarding and training of your team
Marketing Campaign Analytics

The biggest worry of most marketers is to make sense of a plethora of data. Making meaningful decisions, real-time adjustments to make your customer’s experience engaging, relevant and personalized should be central to your campaign. Generating smarter communication and interaction that can predict your customers’ needs in real time will drive your marketing efforts to the next level. Apart from offering a 360 degree data view, our marketing cloud campaign analytics will include:

  • Data optimization
  • Establishing executive dashboards
  • Up-to-the-minute reporting & analytics
  • Data warehousing
  • Exports on demand


Marketing Campaign Integration

Marketing campaign automation across marketing, sales and systems of IT is never a one-size-fits approach. It requires development of customized solutions, to make sure that chosen marketing automation platform fits seamlessly with your current business apps. With the help of our tools and accelerators that support omni channel marketing, all our efforts will be towards achieving interoperability in your organization. Our marketing cloud campaign integration will include:

  • Customized development
  • Accelerator tools
  • Cross-platform integration and Cross-channel (Portal, CRM, Existing System)
  • Social platforms
  • Online ads
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