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Microsoft Windows workloads remain business-critical for most organizations across industries. Customers expect greater performance, functionality, mobile access and thus require a robust and secure infrastructure. By migrating Windows workloads to AWS, organizations gain significant value by enabling their IT and business teams with utmost efficiency, flexibility & improved performance, including cost reduction on hosting and managing on-premises IT infrastructure.

Happiest Minds Technologies, an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, has deep domain knowledge and expertise in enabling organizations to migrate and modernize Windows workloads on Amazon EC2. Our experienced team of solution architects plan, design, architect, implement and manage Windows applications and workloads on Amazon EC2 in a secure environment. We have developed in-house tools and programs to accelerate your migration journey seamlessly and cost-effectively.


We take a serverless approach to manage Microsoft workloads on AWS Cloud. This means you can spend less time and resources in managing your workloads.

Our solution for Microsoft workloads on cloud transforms applications from legacy Windows Server versions to newer and supported versions on AWS Cloud, without changes to the code. With AWS suite of tools and integration capabilities related to .NET development, we help developers easily develop, debug, and deploy applications.


  • Innovate and modernize your applications on AWS through faster code deployments and application development.
  • Get higher throughput and lower latency.
  • Utilize In-built security, compliance, and governance capabilities with AWS.
  • Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Achieve scalability and flexibility by eliminating unplanned downtime.
  • Optimize cost performance by on-demand optimal use of resources.

Happiest Minds Advantage

  • Certified and experienced AWS experts in migrating and managing Windows servers on EC2
  • Workshops to educate your teams on the benefits of running windows workloads on EC2, use cases, and features.
  • Comprehensive assessment of the current infrastructure, TCO analysis, and business case creation
  • Leverage portfolio of best practices, quick start deployment templates, tools, and accelerators for a risk-free migration process


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