The advent of mobility was the precursor to the digital wave that has now swept businesses across the world and transformed the way customers purchase, consume and engage with brands. Today’s mobile first solutions need to be engaging, intuitive and easy to use while placing the customer first. And with ever emerging complexities of OS upgrades and the criticality of responsiveness, security, system loads, and continuous testing, businesses today need a well thought out mobile testing strategy.

Happiest Minds’ testing capabilities combined with an end-to-end, model-based approach has helped alleviate potential business risks and paved way for superior quality.

Mobile Test Differentiators

  • On demand access and anywhere mobile cloud test infrastructure supporting multitude of devices
  • Real-time Performance Engineering
  • Native app functional test automation
  • Parallel test execution against iOS and Android platforms
  • SDK Validation testing
  • Mobile security testing
  • Automated layout testing for responsive applications

Mobile Testing Services

Mobile Testing