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Selling has undergone a revolution in the past decade. In this hyper-connected world, it’s all about engaging your customers early, nurturing the association, and delivering them a sound experience. Sales cycles have condensed; lines between marketing and sales have diminished. Sales reps need the capability and the flexibility that’s independent of the place, time or the device they use. In this race against time, the need to connect with potential buyers, strike better deals, sell faster and smarter has become pivotal to successful selling.

Sales Cloud by Salesforce lets you focus on what’s most important for you: your customers. Sales Cloud offers a single comprehensive customer view to your sales team, to manage their processes, track deals and close them, all from one place, anytime, from any device.


Happiest Minds’ proven expertise in Sales Cloud implementation will revolutionize the way you collaborate, communicate and nurture meaningful relationships with your customers. We are uniquely equipped to drive productivity for you at every step of your customer journey, grow accounts, find new leads and close them faster. We can take your productivity to the next level, while making sure your customers and sales teams get the experience they deserve.

In our wide-ranging sales cloud implementation portfolio, we have provided our clients with custom solutions to meet their industry-specific requirements coupled with their unique business needs. We start with understanding your industry, sales process, future goals, customer buying cycle and accordingly provide you with a tailor-made solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Setting up of Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunities
  • Tracking of Leads
  • Building Services or Products
  • Customized fields: Assuming basic customizations of fields like Opportunity Stages, Lead Status, Opportunity Types, and a few custom fields that are unique to your company needs.
  • Setup Record types if required to manage multiple services process or multiple sales process or different layouts for different types of leads, opportunities or accounts, etc.
  • Modify Page Layouts so they make sense for your process
  • Setup validation rules required for permissions or fields around definite conditions
  • Set up various lead capturing channels
  • Get a real-time view into sales
  • Close more deals, faster
  • Improve productivity of sales teams drastically
  • Efficient management of people and processes
  • Connect with social customers made easy
  • Making intuitive decisions effortlessly


Sales Cloud Analytics

Turn your sales team into winners and achievers by unleashing the complete power of Sales Cloud Analytics. See complex information becoming use worthy; get valuable insights to maximize your business potential. Empower your sales reps, managers with the knowledge they need to make your business flourish. Sales cloud analytics enables you with: 

  • Pre-built and custom reports
  • Real Time Dashboards
  • Complete Mobile Access
  • Monitor trends in your pipeline.
Sales Cloud Consultation

You may be new to cloud hosted solution which means you may have apprehensions, reservations and plenty of questions. A professional sales cloud consultation can take care of your dilemmas.
Developing a strategy is pivotal for your business to run smoothly, drive better sales, and find more opportunities. Sales Cloud consulting session with us will result in charting out a comprehensive CRM roadmap for you while helping you find opportunities for automation. We will:

  • Comprehend your business goals and challenges
  • Scrutinize and gauge your current IT environment
  • Tie the possibilities and findings with your desired objectives
  • Collaborate, finalize and fine tune the plan to reach a final solution
Sales Cloud Implementation

We will partner with you, and turn your potential into growth by implementing a customized solution. Our Sales Cloud implementation lets you focus on what’s most important for you: your customers. Our team helps your enterprise implement and reach targets quicker through metrics, revenue forecasting, tracking of opportunities as well as reporting. Our Sales Cloud implementation strategies have always stayed ahead of its game by continuing to adapt and embrace new age technologies like relationship intelligence and mobile. Our implementation will enable you to:

  • Connect with your customers, partners, and employees
  • Deliver a better and unified commerce experience for your customer
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Connect with today’s social customers
  • Get real-time visibility into sales
Sales Cloud Customization

Being a highly customizable platform, Sales cloud CRM can fit your needs like a glove. Custom applications can be developed quickly, owing to the minimal coding requirements and ample development tools which are available. By partnering with us for sales cloud customization, you get a top notch, innovative solution to your business’s unique challenges. Customization of Sales Cloud with us offers you the following edge:     

  • Reduced time to market
  • Lesser Costs
  • Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Security against internal and against external threats
  • Flawless Integration with other technologies
  • Great quality
Sales Cloud Integration

Integrating other systems with Salesforce Sales Cloud can bring new levels of efficiency to processes that span across many departments. It helps enterprises to disable IT bottlenecks, simplify data flow between applications, and talk in a uniform language across all processes. The collaboration brought upon within systems and processes help organizations achieve improved levels of operational consistency and quality. Our Sales Cloud Integration helps you:

  • Generate and nurture sales leads effortlessly
  • Break Information Silos
  • Reduce Control and Compliance Issues
  • Overcome collaboration challenges
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