Selling has undergone a revolution in the past decade. In this hyper-connected world, it’s all about engaging your customers early, nurturing the association, and delivering them a sound experience. Sales cycles have condensed; lines between marketing and sales have diminished. Sales reps need the capability and the flexibility that’s independent of the place, time or the device they use. In this race against time, the need to connect with potential buyers, strike better deals, sell faster and smarter has become pivotal to successful selling.

Sales Cloud by Salesforce lets you focus on what’s most important for you: your customers. Sales Cloud offers a single comprehensive customer view to your sales team, to manage their processes, track deals and close them, all from one place, anytime, from any device.


Happiest Minds’ proven expertise in Sales Cloud implementation will revolutionize the way you collaborate, communicate and nurture meaningful relationships with your customers. We are uniquely equipped to drive productivity for you at every step of your customer journey, grow accounts, find new leads and close them faster. We can take your productivity to the next level, while making sure your customers and sales teams get the experience they deserve.

In our wide-ranging sales cloud implementation portfolio, we have provided our clients with custom solutions to meet their industry-specific requirements coupled with their unique business needs. We start with understanding your industry, sales process, future goals, customer buying cycle and accordingly provide you with a tailor-made solution.