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Excellent customer service has become the lifeblood of businesses. Customers expect a personalized service, that’s responsive, fast and resolves their concerns anytime, across any channel, irrespective of the device they use. Your service agents need to respond quickly and with ease when your customers touch base with them.

Service Cloud by Salesforce, offers you a comprehensive view of your customers. It equips your agents with the means to have all the information at their fingertips on a single console.

Service Cloud provides your agents with a complete set of productivity tools, that enables them to track customer case history, manage dashboards and quickly respond to their customers’ unique needs. It empowers them to make quicker and smarter service decisions without any disruptions. Happiest Minds can give you a tailored experience by catering to the specific needs of your business using Salesforce Service Cloud. Through our Service Cloud consulting, you can get your most vital contacts, accounts, sales users and case data, up and running in no time.

With our customized Service Cloud implementation, you can rest assured that profits, customer loyalty, agent satisfaction and service quality will only go up while costs are kept under checks. We’ll help you: create more cross-selling opportunities, improve integration with back-office applications, get real-time information of support metrics, devise precise responses to emails, proactively respond through customer’s favorite social channel, know customer preferences through valuable insights and create brand loyalty, thereby improving your customer lifetime value.

Besides that, our extensive experience with self-service communities will help your organization in improving first call resolution, deflect calls and reduce case closure time.

Features & Benefits

  • Salesforce Knowledge- Knowledge for both customers and agents
  • Lightning Console- To increase agent productivity considerably
  • Live Agent-To promote live chat with customers in real-time
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) - To efficiently connect with customers via a data-driven approach
  • Call Center Management- For customers to connect with agents through a self-service portal, accessible from any device.
  • Wave Analytics- To gather invaluable insights that can be transformed into action
  •  Customer Communities
  • Close Cases faster
  • Engage Agents better
  • Provide Smarter Self service
  • Personalize Customer care
  • Deliver Support anywhere
  •  Launch Services quicker


Service Cloud Analytics

Advancements in analytics and reporting capabilities today, have resulted in identification of customer service challenges quicker than ever, driving better productivity, customer engagement and performance. Tangible insights about customer behavior, helps you predict and respond accordingly to offer a quicker resolution to customers, which can help your business substantially. Our analysis of your service cloud can offer you:

  • Instant Actionability
  • Quicker Answers
  • Better Productivity
  • Great Customer Experience
Service Cloud Consultation

To open new doors to growth, examining your business needs is of vital importance. Creating tailor-made strategies, prioritizing on mission critical objectives, and devising an adaptable and scalable customer service plan can help you envisage your customer service strategy afresh.

The purpose of service cloud consultation should be to solve the most pressing issues your organization is facing and lend a hand in evolving your business. A round of consultation with us will help you with:

  • Solution Design
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Integration and Data Management
Service Cloud Implementation

A fitting implementation solution must help your business grow. It must power your systems by  overcoming productivity and efficiency challenges, while supporting your sales agents to offer your customers a unique experience, and close cases quickly. As your service cloud implementation partner, we’ll help you address how to transform your servicing potential.  We will grasp what your unique business process needs in order to strike a powerful and lasting relationship with your customers. Our Salesforce Service cloud implementation will focus on:

  • Workflow development
  • Devising an adoption strategy
  • Creating future roadmap
  • Consulting regarding customization and feature sets
Service Cloud Customization

A customized service cloud can help you focus on what’s most important for you i.e., offering great service to your customers. It will not only be a step towards building a business that’s organized and efficient, but will aptly suit your purpose and intent. Salesforce offers a service cloud platform that goes beyond mass production and fits the unique requirements of businesses. Our Service cloud customization will offer you:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Pre-built applications
  • Many development tools
  • Boundless possibilities
Service Cloud Integration

Integration between systems and processes can bring in improved levels of efficiency, do away with bottlenecks, overcome technological barriers, and break down silos between systems and processes. A sound service cloud integration will improve client satisfaction, increase cross sales opportunities, minimize churn and improve the possibility of referrals. Our Salesforce service cloud integration can transform customer relationships by streamlining processes across multiple landscapes. The service will include:

  • Device Configuration
  • Customized Integration
  • Integration Using Tools
  • API Development
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