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Digital and smart things are among the most hotly debated topics today. Life without any form of digital impact is unimaginable in this day and age.  Since we live in a digital world, we have embraced the digital revolution in one way or another.

Similarly, we have brought the digital into our workplaces  in the form of smart spaces. A smart space, broadly speaking, is any space that improves your quality of life without interfering with it.

While smart spaces take charge to meet the needs of their occupants and businesses, it brings benefits like reduced energy costs, increased productivity of the facility staff, improved space operations, greater support for sustainability efforts, and enhanced decision-making across the organization.


The smart space market is expected to grow due to an increase in greenfield projects and greater environmental concerns worldwide. In an effort to deal with environmental changes and to increase productivity, it’s essential to leverage a space with an updated smart technology solution. The change is much needed.

Smart spaces utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance occupants’ experience, sustain optimal performance levels, and reduce the costs of space operations. Various studies have found that high carbon dioxide levels and uncomfortable temperatures in a living space can greatly reduce productivity and satisfaction. It has been shown that productivity improved 60 percent in spaces with less carbon dioxide and a friendly environment in the air. This is where emerging solutions come into play, like sensors, actuators, microchips, and automated processes that can automatically control the operations of the space, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, and other systems.


Happiest Minds Technologies’ digital transformation standards are designed to help you establish good practices, build resilience, embrace new emerging technologies, and digitalize the built environment, from housing, industrial, commercial, hospitals, schools, civil engineering, infrastructure, to modern, urban spaces. Here are some ways in which we help you embrace digital transformation:

  • Better resource utilization
  • Real-time spaces insights
  • New workplace opportunities
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Bringing in green norms
  • Increase automation opportunities
  • Saving operational and maintenance costs
  • Emergency alert and notifications
  • Digitize assets via embedded sensors
  • Lower environmental footprints
  • Track operating assets and performance
  • Intelligent recommendations by machine learning

Together, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), predictive maintenance, spaces automation, spaces information modeling, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), blockchain, quantum computing, neural network, aerial drones, robotics, 3D imaging, and other revolutionary technologies offer the promise of a brighter future for smart spaces.


In the digitalization roadmap, some of the key areas to concentrate on will be developing the right digital strategy, automating operations and assets to bring in a diverse workforce. It is a multi-step process that requires data gathering, analysis, forecasting, and strategizing. Here is where we leverage the latest digital technologies to bring a solution to all the existing challenges in space management systems. Digital transformation brings innovative and cutting-edge technologies to onboard automated spaces solutions, improve health and safety, employee empowerment, enhance decision-making abilities, and reduce maintenance costs with a more agile and profitable business.


The Happiest Minds value chain includes end-to-end solutions from the prospecting of construction to delivering an eco-friendly environment for customers. Happiest Minds evaluates current operational processes and construction architecture in-depth and then supports end-users in each segment using best-in-class technologies. This helps users enjoy a connected experience with connected assets and a connected workforce, leading to centralized maintenance and operations. This means enhanced capabilities and sustainability in every possible space segment to create economies of scale in the input or output.


Net-Zero Carbon

The excess of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere triggers harmful global warming effects. Therefore, reducing the amount of these gases in the atmosphere should help tackle climate change. Net-zero refers to achieving a balance between the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere and those taken out. We at Happiest Minds are taking actions to decarbonize the built environment by combining energy efficiency and renewable energy generation to consume only as much energy as can be produced onsite using renewable resources over a specified time.

Facility Management

Facilities management can be defined as the tools and services that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate. Our solutions offer flexibility in both hard and soft spaces facility management by combining additional excellence and digital innovations. Centralizing facilities management will bring all operational functions to a single point.  Additionally, the use of IoT, AI, and ML in emerging solutions will help unlock valuable insights for facility management leaders to reduce management costs and improve the overall workplace experience by empowering the decision-making process in real-time. The solution can ensure that places where people work, play, learn, and live are safe, comfortable, productive, and sustainable. 

Energy Management

When it comes to energy saving, energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in an organization. Our solution for energy management can command to reduce energy load when required and increase it when supplies of electricity are plentiful, without impacting the operational performance. This makes our solution efficient to participate as an accelerator in the energy markets. The sensors we use can help organizations get accurate, real-time energy consumption data, show usage over time, and quickly track the assets. And with the use of AI and ML, we can analyze the data efficiently and rapidly for immediate actions. Overall, our solution provides a healthy and pleasant indoor and outdoor environment and effectively manages the energy consumption of spaces.

Construction Management

The construction industry faces challenging competitive constraints every day and complex project requirements regarding materials, logistics, or even heavy documentation. We offer higher visibility around construction management for more transparency and accurate tracking of construction materials. Our solutions with blockchain technology streamline project management by automating the complete logistics solutions and the most cumbersome paperwork tasks in a secure manner. Also, it enables the implementation of various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting, and construction in the entire process. 

Smart Indoors

We help create a safe indoor environment by offering multi-platform solutions, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoWPAN, LoRa, or Z-Wave. The connected indoor solution includes those for garages, networked cameras, door locks, doorbells, outdoor lighting, pet geo-fencing, smart metering, leak detection, connected pest traps, swimming pools, indoor mapping, indoor positioning, indoor security, indoor analytics, and more. This results in a better quality of life and a sustainable approach to lifestyle.


The secured smart spaces solution is intelligent to handle challenges, such as security, and opting for an alarm verification service to comply with regulations so that the environment is much more comfortable, productive, and safe.


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