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What Is Intelligent Site Search?

Visitors who search in your retail store are seeking to buy something. The relevancy of products shown to them along with the right filters to help them drill down, keeps them engaged and increases the probability of them converting to customers.

In a physical store, a sales person is always available to assist shoppers. He or she will find exactly what the customer is looking for and provide all the required information which, in turn, helps the visitor turn into a buyer. They keep the visitors engaged by showcasing the right products and helping them quickly find what they are seeking to buy. Efficient e-commerce Site-Search solution also serves the same purpose of a sales assistant in brick and mortar stores. It allows the visitors to find what they are looking for, with all the required details that help them to arrive at the purchasing decision. The ability of a Site-Search engine to pick the right in-stock products, irrespective of the complexity of the search query, and deliver the most relevant results is proportional to the revenue generated by the Site-Search engine.

The Business Needs [Why Intelligent Site Search?]

Great Site-Search experience is a minimum requirement visitors expect from a mature ecommerce company. Every billion dollar ecommerce company has invested in teams to build, manage and innovate the requirements of intelligent Site-Search. However, others largely rely on the default or open source enterprise search platforms like SOLR, Elastic Search etc., due to lack of budgets or internal expertise.

While SOLR and Elastic Search may provide satisfactory results when configured, they have a tendency to fall short in many areas – search suggestions, relevance of search results, availability of filters, sort orders etc. This can significantly reduce user engagement and negatively impact the e-commerce visitor conversion rates.
Another constraint with open source offerings is that they cannot be configured to suit the specific needs of the retailers. E.g. what attributes should be used for search suggestions? What is the order of filters? Can we hide some of the filters? Can we modify the search results themselves?

Uniqueness of the Solution
Every feature of the search engine starting from the suggestions to the products displayed to visitors are driven by a learning engine that studies how visitors react to the data and what keeps them most engaged.

We also understand one size does not fit all and each client has specific requirements. Happiest Minds has developed an easy to use and fully customizable intelligent Site-Search engine, deployed on the cloud.

Features & Benefits

  • Predictive Search: Combining analytics and inventory, e-commerce predictive search will enable finding information quickly based on similar search terms and can lead the visitors to the right pages.
  • Related Searches: Automate dynamic related searches that will attract organic traffic and improve SEO of the website
  • Semantic Search: Enable contextual searches and show relevant products by processing the meaning of the words typed by the visitor
  • Smart Sort: Display products to the visitors based in order of what is most relevant to them vs. Best Sellers or New Arrivals
  • Synonym Search: Show the right products no matter irrespective of the variations w.r.t its name. e.g. Cell phone vs. Mobile phone, Trousers vs. Pants
  • Analytics: Get tag level analytics to derive insights to help you better understand your visitors and increase your revenues
  • Full configurable: Let the Site-Search engine meet the requirements of your visitors by modifying the suggestions, facets and product attributes that are shown in the search results
  • Increase Site-Search conversions by over 30%
  • Reduce transaction time by 55%
  • Increase order values by 40%
  • Reduce bounce rates by over 50%
  • Review tag based analytics to gather insights of demand data from your customers. Use this to plan smarter marketing campaigns, inventory and product design
  • Makes the e-commerce platform more customer centric


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