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Case Studies

The business requirement was to centralize tracking and administration for Privileged Users across applications. Happiest Minds implemented Net IQ Privileged User Manager Solution which created secure RDP tunnel without revealing the administrative password.

The business requirement was to migrate from Legacy P2P circuits to MPLS Cloud bringing a reduction in maintenance costs and effective management of various WAN devices. Happiest Minds successfully implemented dual ISP MPLS Cloud by advanced routing on Cisco platform…

The business requirement was to migrate Legacy Network and Security devices to Advanced Technology Platforms. Port-level and perimeter level security, with Advanced Security Appliances and Content filtering implemented.

Happiest Minds solution improved user response to applications and throughput through the NOC of critical devices. Secure access provided to Network and devices with firewall rules re- applied and fine- tuned.

The IPv6 Capability Assessment provided a detailed view of the state of the network’s IPv6 readiness by performing a thorough assessment of the network hardware devices and Software releases. Happiest Minds suggested Configuration and topology changes to provide performance enhancement.

The business requirement was to standardize the DNS infrastructure on Microsoft AD integrated DNS platforms  with a centralized management and well documented process.

The business requirement was to provide federation support using cost effective Federation technology and also provide seamless single sign on (SSO). Implemented and rolled out Federation Solution using Microsoft ADFS.

The business requirement was to create visibility into who has access to what for a large number of business critical applications

How we created a comprehensive, maintainable, enterprise level Automation Suite for web based Learning Management System to improve product quality by automating all backlog/ regression test cases.

Happiest Minds solution for Audit Analytics for a leading Airlines which reduce revenue leakage due to fraudulent behavior by agent within/ across GDS (Global Distribution System).

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