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The exponential rise in data, easy access to information,  proliferation of smart devices and rise of smart technologies together present a huge opportunity and challenge for enterprises. The importance of data science as a service is now evident as the demand for data science consulting continues to grow over the past few years. By taking advantage of business analytics solutions and data science consulting, enterprises can increase their share-of-wallet and positively impact their bottom lines by reducing revenue leakages and identifying fraud. Data science consulting can also impact the top line by increasing revenue, improving sales conversions, and enhancing customer experience.

Happiest Minds data sciences consulting and business analytics solutions help enterprises take effective data-driven business decisions and find innovative ways to strategize and optimize operations, while exploring new market opportunities.

Data Science Offerings

Data Preparation and Ingestion

Today, data comes in various flavors, from different sources and in different formats, which can be structured or unstructured. Keeping this in mind, Happiest Minds data science services offers businesses the capability to analyze and gain insights from big data through its own innovative methods of obtaining, importing, and processing, storing for later use.. Happiest Minds data science consulting experts use proprietary tools for data preparation, management and harmonization. Our data science as a service ensure that the entire lifecycle of data preparation is taken care of:

  • Data exploration
  • Data cleaning
  • Data changing
  • Data shaping
  • Data publishing for analysis
Statistical Modeling and Algorithm Development

Happiest Minds employ statistical methodologies, machine learning and a combination of both to build analytical models both on big data as well as conventional data. Our data science as a service offering helps improve data quality, which in return answers business queries much faster. The statistical modelling service comprises:

  • Data analysis
  • Data interpretation
  • Data explanation
  • Data presentation
Insight Generation

While data preparation and statistical modelling are considered to be the foundation of analytics, insight generation is what businesses look for when using data science services. The insight generation process consists of collecting, organizing, retaining data, generating various analytics models from the data, evaluating the analytics models for actionable business strategies. Insight generation extensively uses:

  • Data mining
  • Model building
  • Business insights
Insight Deployment

For data science services, using the insights gained for making informed decisions and taking corrective actions are crucial. Our insight deployment process helps translate the analytical results in the everyday decision making process and automating it, thus writing back the results of the analytical models to implement systems and deploying in a big data environment.

  • Write back of insights to existing processes and systems
  • Feedback loop to collect results of analytics implementation
  • Improvement of analytics processes based on feedback loop
  • Automation of predictive processes and systems using insights generated from analytics


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