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Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization – The Foundation Of Modern-Day, Intelligent And Open Networks

The telecom industry has always been at the forefront of change as it has dealt with a rapidly shifting business and technology landscape while also managing increasingly high customer expectations. Increased proliferation of smart phones and data consumption, the 5G explosion, emergence of new traffic due to IoT and M2M connectivity have been some of the most obvious disruptors. When combined with an intense growth in demand for dynamic bandwidth (driven by video) and new services on the fly, flattening revenues and an intense need to cut costs -Service providers have no choice but to transform their networks and operations.

OEMs too are facing a big challenge to develop, test and deploy new network elements that offer promising revenue generating opportunities. Finding a way to connect and address all these pain points is important to keep pace with this ever-changing landscape.

SDN and NFV: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The need of the hour is a new software centric architecture based on SDN and NFV combined with server class commodity hardware intended to provide the desired L4 to L7 intelligence in the network which is simplified, agile, programmable, and flexible. Enterprises are also making a similar shift in their data centers, using cutting-edge cloud computing technologies.

While SDN has made giant leaps into Data centers around the world, it is still in the process of making inroads into the networks of service providers. With a simplified data plane, white boxes have emerged as promising low-cost options. New Technologies like SDWAN and CORD are being touted as the “Killer Applications” accelerating widespread adoption of SDN within the Service provider networks. The real challenge for operators is procuring such cost effective yet powerful platforms without having to devote precious in-house resources.

Switch to SDN with a Happy Mind

Happiest Minds can add tremendous value with our rich background in ‘state-of-the-art’ product development using Switching/Routing, SDN, NFV, Cloud, Mobile and Bigdata technologies.Happiest Minds can help introduce a new approach to networking that is based on the idea of Software Defined Networks unlocking the latent potential of switches and routers to rise above the limitations of proprietary technologies.

We have provided Engineering Services around Central Office Re-Architected as Data Centre (CORD) including creation of CORD POD and development of Networking Service Applications enabling new revenue streams for a Tier-1 Telco. Our ultra-low-cost SDWAN solution has enabled a leading Internet Service provider to introduce SDWAN services to their Enterprise customers with minimal investment.


Expertise stack

Expertise Stack


Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Happiest Minds’ SDN/NFV driven product engineering services harness the full potential of open-standard APIs, protocols and open-source technologies to deliver exceptional value to our customers with Proof of concepts, R&D projects, field trials and deployment grade solutions. We provide cutting edge domain expertise in the technologies that power the ever changing connected world.

  • VNF development, porting, testing, deployment and maintenance
  • MANO (Management and Orchestration)
  • Service Chaining
  • Customization of Open source NFV and SDN Solutions
  • Adapters for legacy service management
Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Commercial and Opensource SDN Controller Engineering, customization and feature enhancements
  • Southbound provider development for SDN, Legacy and Hybrid switches
  • OpenFlow enablement conformance
  • SDN Application development, upgrades and migration across controllers
  • SDN controller integration with OpenStack Neutron
  • Engineering Services for customization and enhancements of Open Source Solutions like OpenDayLight, ONOS etc.
  • SDN – NFV solution integration
Network Stack Engineering
  • Switching and Routing protocols, Traffic Engineering
  • Security, VPN, Firewalls, DPI, WAN optimization, Server Load balancing, Bandwidth on Demand
  • Intel DPDK porting and optimization for high performance
  • EMS/NMS frameworks
  • UX/ UI Engineering



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