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Digital Query Assistant (DQA) is a solution powered by artificial intelligence and various areas of cognitive computing, which holds the power to manage and optimize customer interaction across disparate channels including mobile, the web, social media, and voice mail, driven by automation.

The DQA solution flexibility allows it to sit on top of any internal or external applications like CRM, ERP, PLM, Ticketing System, Call Center or Service Center Software, delivering the key business KPIs. When the customer interacts with the brand, the DQA solution can respond in several ways using it’s proprietary deep learning framework.

DQA enables your end customer to get the most relevant and contextualized content delivered at their fingertips through a self-learning (Cognitive) platform. The solution allows you to find the most Precise and Contextual Answers from multiple sources, languages and speech

How Digital Query Assistant solution addresses these challenges?

  • Using a self-learning platform
  • Associated service platform where customer service agents are looped-in
  • With virtual agents or AI chatbots
  • Augmented Search with personalization, relevance and contextual content

Proven Business Impact:

Proven Business Impact-DQA

Features of DQA Solution
  • Provide intuitive and contextualized knowledge
  • Curate, classify and deliver knowledge to the needful
  • Advanced Cognitive Analytics KPIs – using flexible, collaborative neural networks
  • Extends single interface design and Real time self-assembling of knowledge based on a customer query
  • Machine Learning ability and answering capability
  • Augmented search and query engine
  • AI powered Chatbot
  • Powerful recommendation engine
  • SaaS based and Multi-Tenant Environment
  • Bot to Bot Communication
  • Seamless transfer of calls to a physical agent
Key Business Values of DQA
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased customer retention
  • Reduced call time with access to relevant information
  • Ability to handle more calls per minute
  • Increased cross- sell and upsell opportunities
  • Improved business and operational efficiency


Key values of Digital Query Assistant

DQA Differentiators

While the market if flooded with generic bots, the Happiest Minds Digital Query Assistant (Chatbot) is distinctively positioned and enables Unique Convergence of Verticalized AI.

  • Our Digital Query assistant is Context-Built and strives to share knowledge that is in the moment, behavioral of the end point and profile, and transaction based.
  • Business Function, Process or Product Specific: Our chatbot is uniquely placed and is Prebaked and Purpose Built. It is built on a comprehensive knowledge and data lake, intrinsic to the business functions, processes or products.
  • Enterprise Knowledge: The chatbot is also inimitable as it ingests Metadata extracted from the enterprise database and interactive knowledge defined by a knowledge boundary and not public domain.
Chatbot Avatars

The mCaaS™ Chatbot powered by the Vertical AI framework of DQA has the following Chatbot Avatars:

  • As Banking Sales or Service Digital Assistant it acts as a customer facing Virtual Assistant that takes you through the process or function, seamlessly. The usage of the chatbot brings valuable disruptions, the Personalized Credit Card Approval can now be facilitated in minutes as against days. Additionally, with the usage and deployment of the chatbot, the call center L1 calls can be reduced by more than 40%.
  • As a Super-Agent or a Call Center Virtual Assistant it transforms into a Cognitive bot self that assembles knowledge to provide single system of truth for instant call resolution. This can lead to Significant increase in agent productivity and First call resolutions and Reduce Agent On-boarding time by at-least 50%.
  • When taking up the role of an Airport or a Theme Park Virtual Steward, it becomes a Virtual Assistant for passengers or guests for Navigation, Planning, Sale, Event recommendation. This can lead to improved passenger experience and customer engagement. It’s ability to proactively book taxis or meals and shop at airport while at home or act as an event planner for a theme park makes it the perfect CRM spoc.
  • It also transforms as a Virtual Assistant to In-Moment Advisors for Retail Store Associate, Banking RM, Travel guide they act as In-the-Moment advisors, get a real time virtual assistant to help them interact with customers, proactively to Recommend products, provide knowledge or guidance and assist in personalized sales.
  • As a Knowledge or Research Assistant for Financial Research Industry, the end users get a K-Bot which can answer their personalized queries on a research, instead of going through the entire report and Research analysts gets a virtual assistant who help them create research reports on a topic.


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