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What is Digital Query Assistant

Digital Query Assistant consolidates enterprises digital content into single source of truth and makes it available to agents and customers across web, mobile, and social channels.

How much would customer satisfaction improve if you could reply INSTANTLY to information requests from prospects and customers, instead of waiting for hours, days, or maybe never? Digital Query Assistant Solution powered by mCaaSTM will turn your company into a Rapid Response Organization.

Why Digital Query Assistant

Managed Content as A service (mCaaSTM) – Digital Query Assistant enables your customer or support associate to get the most relevant and contextualized content delivered at their fingertips through a self-learning (cognitive) platform. The solution allows you to find the most precise and contextual Answers from multiple sources and languages.


  • What this means for the Organization
    • Reduce Call time with relevant and self-assembling knowledge
    • Increase volumes of calls per minute leading to higher revenues
    • Increase cross-sell & up-sell of products and services
  • What this means for the Consumer
    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Precise and contextual answers delivered across any channel
  • Looks at key metrics and analyze / improve business & operation efficiency thru deep and meaningful Insights on User Interaction and Information Gaps
  • Is available at a fraction of a cost and on a consumption based pricing model


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