The MIDAS analytics platform extracts actionable insights latent in the M2M/IoT datasets to enable business transformation. Designed to utilize system capabilities to usher in a new wave of innovation, it also supports rapid custom analytics solution development to reduce capital and operational costs while improving overall business value.

Since the use of connected devices is on the rise, businesses need real-time analytics to harness these connections for meaningful insights. The MIDAS analytics platform can help businesses leverage the information hidden in various data streams to improve monitoring, reporting, and rule-based actions.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Modular and scalable platform architecture built on Big Data infrastructure
  • Enables rapid development of custom analytics applications
  • Designed to run on both on-premise and cloud servers
  • Provides Infrastructures building blocks for both runtime and batch analytics
  • Repository of pre-built algorithms services and point solutions

Building Blocks

M2M/IoT data sources generate significant volumes of data, making it imperative for businesses to leverage newer technologies to store, process and analyze this information. Designed to drive business value through data analysis, MIDAS analytics platform features a modular and scalable platform architecture built on Big Data infrastructure.

With some businesses still relying on traditional infrastructure, most moving to cloud, and the rest using a combination of both, MIDAS provides the right platform for them all to develop and deploy their M2M/IoT analytics applications. Like service platform, our analytics platform also comes with infrastructure building blocks that facilitate rapid development of customized applications built to cater to specific needs.

IoT/M2M Analytics Solutions

Happiest Minds offers a range of analytics solutions to help businesses get meaningful insights. MIDAS offers many pre-built algorithms and services which operate on top of the M2M/IoT data. MIDAS’s algorithms are applicable in automotive space (both in passenger cars and commercial trucks), industrial automation and home automation