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Since APIs are the driving force in the digital landscape, every business requires an API channel to support its mobile strategy or to make its services available to the external world.
Web scraping API (WSAPI) is a solution that enables organizations to extend their existing web-based system as a well-designed set of services for supporting mobile application and developers, creating new business channels and ensuring better partner integration.

Concept of web Scraping API

Extraction Agents


WHY Web Scraping API

  • Web scraping APIs help offer clean and structured data from existing websites, so they can be effortlessly consumed by disparate systems
  • The data exposed through the web scraping APIs can be monitored, transformed and controlled easily
  • The inherent design of web scraping APIs helps developers to in-corporate website changes without affecting the extraction logic when moving them to configurations

Use Cases

  • Extract online pricing data and add it to your online store
  • Update internal systems with the latest exchange rates and stock-market quotations
  • Gather bookings for any type of resort, hotels or area
  • Extract product images and specification documents


Features & Benefits

  • DSL for easy development of routes
  • Intelligent agent and test driven development
  • Custom token & OAuth
  • Data caching strategy
  • Identifies changes (in websites) and notifies stakeholders
  • Scheduled data extraction
  • Fast and easy development
  • Smart, robust and reliable
  • Secure and faster than before
  • Service monitoring and monetization


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