Why Happiest Minds for Amazon Web Services?

Happiest Minds is an Amazon Web Service (AWS) alliance partner and an APN Advanced Tier Consulting Partner. We have a deep technology expertise in AWS migration. We also help you deploy the cloud environment faster, and gain benefits of greater control, performance, and scalability. Choose our Amazon cloud services for web, mobile, social media applications, and other backend platforms.

Happiest Minds offers AWS services across the solution lifecycle:

  • AWS CONSULTING SERVICES: We provide strategy, implementation roadmap, and tools & technology to power web, social media and mobile applications for your modern business requirements.
  • AWS MIGRATION SERVICES: We help you build the right migration strategy for your company. Our fast and cost-effective methods enable you to move your existing enterprise applications to the AWS cloud smoothly and seamlessly with minimum risk.
  • AWS ARCHITECTURE SERVICES: We help you address key complexity of cloud deployment for better security, manageability and high-availability.
  • CLOUD APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT SERVICES: We ensure your cloud application is performing at the most effective state with better security and control. You can fully leverage your investments while surging towards a scalable and high performance cloud based application development.
  • MANAGED CLOUD SERVICES – 24×7 SUPPORT: We enable you to achieve high availability, boost scalability, innovate faster, get security and compliance, and gain high ROI.
  • AWS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Our managed cloud services have enabled many large to midsized organizations to deploy the cloud environment faster, and gain benefits of greater control, performance and scalability.

Features & Benefits  

  • Comprehensive security to satisfy the most demanding information security requirements.
  • Governance-focused, audit-friendly service features
  • Hybrid capabilities across storage, networking, security, application deployment, and management tools

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