Happiest Minds has partnered with the Turbotic orchestration platform to further strengthen its digital automation services. With the help of Turbotic, multiple RPA tools can be integrated into a single platform. It provides an easy interface to schedule, monitor, and control all the Bots from a single place. This helps to ease the support and maintenance of RPA Bots by bringing a layer of automation to the support operations. The platform has AI-enabled features such as anomaly detection, auto-ticketing, code review, interactive dashboards, KPI tracking, etc.

Turbotic helps companies Accelerate, Scale, and Optimize Intelligent Automation & AI in one Intelligent platform.

Turbotic’s Automation Optimization platform, the industry’s first and only end-to-end automation optimization solution, supports enterprises in scaling, monitoring, and managing automation. Turbotic manages the end-to-end, multi-vendor Intelligent Automation workflow, integrated with the leading vendors in the industry.