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Today water utilities are evolving to meet the demands of a highly dynamic and competitive market. Global warming is altering climate and giving rise to extreme weather conditions causing severe stress on urban water supplies.

Its impending now to digitally manage ecosystems and monitor resource extraction, industrial use, and consumption. In response, water utilities continue to navigate the unsteady path to transformation.

Globally, utilities are the beneficiaries of advances in digital transformation technology. Investing in technologies such as IoT enablement of water pipeline/assets, digital meters, Predictive analytics, AI/ML, Video and thermal imagery from drones, chatbots and blockchain can resolve many of the problems faced by water utilities. The key is to identify and priorities issues and develop scenarios to overcome them.


Digitization – Water Value Chain

Monitoring water reserves and conserving treated water in whatever form remains a critical issue. Digital technologies play a major role in enabling water utility market reduce manual inspections and get real-time view of entire upstream and downstream operations. Below is a depiction which highlights digital advancements that can enhance the water value chain and help conserve this critical natural resource


Connected Assets

We enable water services companies to deliver innovative solutions to consumers that help them save water and costs. We help our clients gain a greater market share by facilitating the implementation of solutions such as state-of-the-art smart metering solution that intelligently monitor a home’s water consumption that promote water conservation. Our connected assets use cases for water companies include:

  • Water Pump/Valves
  • Water Treatment Plant Assets
  • Tank Levels and Overflow
  • Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Smart Meters
Connected Workforce

Happiest Minds makes workforce management for water utility companies significantly easier and less risky by crafting solutions that ensure workforce safety. By centrally tracking their employees and work orders, companies are able to manage the workforce better and enhance productivity. Our connected workforce use cases for water utility companies include:

  • Workforce safety
  • Workforce tracking
  • Fault location app
  • Work order app
Optimized Maintenance

Happiest Minds helps water utilities services companies to explore the latest in technology to effectively manage water treatment and supply infrastructure. We empower our clients in the sector with the right tracking and maintenance mechanisms, allowing them to predict failure well in advance and carry out maintenance of assets and equipment at the right time—with zero or minimal downtime and without loss in productivity. Our optimized maintenance use cases for water utility companies include:

  • Video based site inspection
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Asset management
  • Work order Management
Optimized Operations

We leverage the power of IoT, AI /ML to help water utility companies to monitor water network, quality and water consumption. We also help them set up processes that reduce input into the system without impacting output negatively. Our centralized operations use cases for water utilities companies include:

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Outage management
  • Customer management
  • Customer usage and billing


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