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The reinsurance market experienced one of its worst years in 2011, with a historic level of catastrophic losses. The debt crisis in the Eurozone continues to challenge the industry, particularly in the developed markets, making underwriting an even more critical component to profitability.  Challenging market conditions are pushing insurers to underwrite extensive risk portfolios and venture into new products and lines of business, and hence the need for reinsurance agreements is gaining importance.

We understand the challenges you face

  • Protecting risk portfolios against natural disasters
  • Integrating reinsurance solutions with existing technology
  • Complying with different   countries regulations
  • Scaling reinsurance solutions to meet future needs
  • Providing insurers with a viable alternative to new risk management products

Happiest Minds helps reinsurers reduce costs, improve risk analysis and business performance. We are committed to delivering business value and growth by utilizing the latest generation technology to enable better decision-making, provide regulatory compliance, and improved risk management.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Reinsurance Placement  and Premium Accounting
  • Data Entry, issue, placement and  contract binding, premium collection, accounting and accounting reconciliation
  • Claims Administration and Processing


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